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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2008 [HQ]

*EDIT [01.01.09]: I don’t have the time to talk about every part (24 parts O.O) but i found another youtube user who put the whole show up in HQ ^^ I’m downloading all of them from youtube. If you want a part you can leave a message and your e-mail and I’ll send it to … Continue reading

[RECOMMENDED]BoA – Perf(SBS Gayo Daejeon) – Eat You Up & Look Who’s Talking – English

Date: December 29 2008 WATCH AT YOUTUBE HERE CREDIT: kp018boy @ youtube Comments: Great to see BoA in SK! She cut her hair, as you can see. She looked so pretty when she smiled after performing Eat You Up, before she started talking. I was like ‘smile BoA, smile!’ throughout the whole perf cuz she looked sorta … Continue reading

[RECOMMENDED]DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) – MV – Bolero – Japanese

Yes, it’s here! The Bolero MV we’ve all been waiting for ^^ WATCH MV WITH ENGLISH SUBS HERE ON YOUTUBE Comments: DBSK is looking good as usual. And I’m really glad they’re dressed in suits again, look super gorgeous ^^ But someone should now fire their hair stylist, what’s up with the back of Yunho’s head … Continue reading

DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) – Perf (KBS2 TV’s Music Bank) – Mirotic – Korean

Date: December 26 2008 Watch the Facebook vid here  OR go to allkpop’s new page and watch their acceptance of their award and the Mirotic perf here (will look for download later. i downloaded it from youtube XD but i’ll look for a proper download for you guys) CREDIT: allkpop.com Comments: Great perf, soo good! I have to … Continue reading

DBSK(Dong Bang Shin Ki) – Perf(MBC Music Core) – Mirotic & Are You a Good Girl? – Korean

You can watch the youtube video here Or Facebook video here Comments: I’m currently on a huuuuuge DBSK phase, you you’ll see lots and lots of dbsk stuff all the time XD. This perf was good, as usual. It’s DBSK, how could it not be? But, the boys really are looking tired. You can’t tell that … Continue reading

Merry Christmas All!

Hope you all have a great Christmas! I’ll be back soon to put up more stuff! Hopefully you’ll be back!

Quick Note

I haven’t had a chance to listen to everything I’ve downloaded today, which pretty much includes almost all of today’s posts. I’ve had time to listen to a few songs here and there from diff albums. I finished exams last thursday and well I’ve been going out for the past few days with my friends. This … Continue reading

Hiya! ^^

Hi, I’m new to wordpress, and I’ve decided to start a music review site. I love music, it’s a passion of mine. I’m a huge fan of kpop XD I have a huge list of artists I love. So I’m going to start today. I will be hotlinking other sites for their music, since I’m … Continue reading