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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2008 [HQ]

*EDIT [01.01.09]: I don’t have the time to talk about every part (24 parts O.O) but i found another youtube user who put the whole show up in HQ ^^ I’m downloading all of them from youtube. If you want a part you can leave a message and your e-mail and I’ll send it to you. Watch the whole show HERE

It’s gonna be a super long post XD But anyway, here’s the show on Youtube! Cosmicsorrow hasn’t uploaded the whole show, but I’ll keep you guys posted. Enjoy for now! ^^

CREDIT: cosmicsorrow

*If you’re really desperate, you can watch a low quality vr HERE where the whole thing’s uploaded. It’s separated into 2 parts, each part has 8 cuts and 9 cute respectively. Me, I prefer high quality, it’s too blurry and I like details XD.

CREDIT: 03141823

-Introductions with MCs Park YeJin, Lee ChunHee, and DaeSung of Big Bang
Super Rookie stage with 2AM, 2PM, and SHINee:
-Star Wars Dance with 2PM
-Inoreh by 2AM

*Comment: not a fan of 2AM or 2PM so nothing special to me. You hardly see SHINee.

Continuation of ‘Super Rookie’ stage:
-10 out of 10 by 2PM
-Sansogateun Neo, A.Mi.Go, and Noona Neomu Yeoppeo w/ Park Yejin by SHINee

*Comment: that lucky Park Yejin >.< getting serenaded by SHINee…I wish i could be her muaaaa…except I wouldn’t be SHINee’s noona. I’m only noona to like 2 of them.

-Stand Up For Love w/ Davichi, Wonder Girl’s SunYe, and So Nyeo Shi Dae’s TaeYeon
Trot Stage:
-Oreh Oreh w/ Song Dae Kwan & Tae Jin Ah
-Sarangeun Amunahana w/ Son Dae Kwan & Tae Jin Ah

*Comment: Yay Davichi.! Love them, their voices are sooo good ^^ Stand Up For Love was really good. Sounds so nice.  SunYe can sing. Or maybe it’s because she’s with Davichi XD…either way, she should go solo. Wonder Girls makes her seem like she can’t sing for her life <.< Trot Stage is interesting. It’s more for older people, but still, if you don’t know what it is, you should try listening. You can’t watch a korean drama without seeing/hearing someone sing trot at some time in the show. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves haha! It’s so funny when they sing the second song and Son Dae Kwan and Tae Jin Ah start yelling out names like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Epik High, etc.

Continuation of Trot Stage:
-Sangyunjeong Deuwiseuteu by Jang Yunjeong
-Cha Bang Cha Bang by Park Hyeon Bin
-Look At Me Gwisoon by DaeSung of Big Bang
‘SEXY’ Stage:
-Pretty Girl by KARA

*Comment: Continuation of Trot Stage. LMFAO when DaeSung sang his trot song Look at Me Gwisoon, HAHAHA it was hilarious watching Big Bang’s reactions. G-dragon was laughing so hard and covering his mouth, TOP was laughing too, and Seungri was copying the hand movements XD As for KARA, they stripped their cute image for a ‘sexy’ image; bunnies. They wore bunny ears, gloves, fishnet stockings, and mini dresses. To me, they’re still cute. And i think they should step out of the sexy image because, they’re so young O.O One of them is only like 14 I believe. Don’t give me nightmares please.

Continuation of ‘SEXY’ Stage:
-L.O.V.E Remix & My Style by Brown Eyed Girls
-One More Time Remix by Jewelry
-Dance Break w/ KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, & Jewelry

*Comment: Great perf from BEG. They totally fit the title ‘sexy’. The girls looked so good! Sounded great too. This is why I like BEG! Jewelry pole danced. Yes, pole danced XD Well, they fit ‘sexy’ too, at least. Singing was a bit lacking though. Then at the end it became like a club in the middle of the stage. A whole bunch of people on stage dancing randomly. The Dance Break wasn’t bad. KARA came back on with jackets


-Seo Tai Ji Performance Preview
-Star Live Interview Artists (Bi, G-Dragon & T.O.P., Kim Jong Gook) with Lee ChunHee and DaeSung
-Saranguae, Yajaneun Molla, & Heaven by FT Island

*Comment: Bi looks hot haha. G-Dragon looks so funny. Why did he do that with his hair o.O? And what’s up with the weird red vest…FT Island’s perf  was good. They played live. But wow…they’ve gone so full fledged punk. Fingernails painted black, black eyeliner and drawings, cross earrings, ripped clothes…Hongki was singing but he lost his voice near the end. You could tell he was trying really hard to sing.

-Michyeosseo by Son Dam Bi
-Playgirlz by After School ft. Son Dam Bi

*Comment: Yay, Son Dam Bi! I love her, she’s so pretty and talented. Dubbed the female Rain (Bi). She sings Michyeoseeo (Crazy). Awesome dancing.

-‘Music Drama’ with Big Bang’s Seungri and Daesung and So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Taeyeon and Yuri

*Comment: HAHAHAHA omg lmfao it’s sooo cuuute! And funny! They use a whole bunch of songs by diff artists in this ‘Music Drama’. It’s really cute hehe



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  1. wow. this was a really great show. just great performance after great performance!

    Posted by star | 090101, 9:33 PM

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