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Discovery Channel documents Rain?

  Yes that’s right. Rain (Bi) will be in a documentary called Hip Korea on the Discovery Channel! It’ll be about Korean culture and Rain’s life. There will be two 45 min parts. One part titled ‘Seoul Vibes’ with Rain, and the other ‘Seoul Savvy’ with the actor Lee Byunghun. Rain’s been busy filming the … Continue reading

The 7th Annual Korea Times Musical Festival!

I didn’t even know wthere was such thing, but I guess there is. All you American kpop fans out there,your fav kpop artists live, in frotn of you. Th 7th annual Korea Times Musical Festival’s taking place on the 9th of May at the Hollywood Bowl. It’s been announced that SNSD, Lee Juk, Lena Park, … Continue reading

After Schools Interview

Recently After School did an interview with Keywui. I was unable to watch it due to my laptop still being completely retarded, and my desktop computer being a complete a**; youtube doesnt work. So here’s the link for you guys. Just go HERE to allkpop to watch the vids.

Se7en to Debut in the U.S. on the 14th of Febuary

And we never thought it would happen. But its true. Se7en will be making his U.S> debut (FINALLY) on Valentine’s Day. That’s February 14th, for those of you who live in a hole in the ground and don’t know the day (JUST kidding XD) The digital single for ‘Girls’ will be released on the day. … Continue reading

FT Island Says Goodbye to Wonbin, and Hello to Seunghyun.

As some of you probably know, Oh Wonbin of FT Island quit. Quite a shock o those Primadonnas, I’ll bet, despite the rumors that were circulating around even before he officially said this. I think FT Island isn’t bad at all. At least they can play and have some talent. Not a huge fan, but … Continue reading

Happy 23rd Birthday Jaejoong! + PINKY Interview with DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

Yesterday (january 26) my beloved Jaejoong celebrated his 23rd (24 in Korea) birthday in Japan. Look at him! SO cute XD Picture credit: Prettyhyun5 at Naver. jihye as tagged. allkpop AND heres an interview of DBSK on the magazine PINKY (the pics which i put up a few days ago that were soo cute). I … Continue reading


This is an important note about downloading! Due to much of my downloading of songs, my laptop has been struck by spyware, adware, and maybe some other virus(es). I’m warning you guys now, to be careful from which file host (whether it be mediafire, sharebee, snedspace, etc.) you’re downloading from. Because I discovered that ZShare … Continue reading

DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) Lyrics + Translations to Bolero | Kiss the Baby Sky | 忘れないで

Here are romanji lyrics for the songs in DBSK’s latest single, for those who love the single insanely like me XD Seriously I’ve been listening to the single again, and again, and again, and again aaaall day. I can’t help it, I just love it too much haha! There’s translations for Bolero and 忘れないで but … Continue reading

♡Super Eye Candy: DBSK Magazine Pictures

Oh. My. God. I looked at these pictures, and my jaw dropped. You don’t understand, these pics are making me drool…they are so unbelievably hot. Just look at them yourself. DBSK was in 3 Japanese magazines recently, APPEAL+ING (oh ya totally fits them hehe), PINKY (odd name for a mag rofl, but they have the … Continue reading

DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) to Release New Single in March

Not many people know, but now that I’m telling you, you now know. Actually I didnt know either until allkpop mentioned it. Anyway, DBSK is scheduled to release a new single on March 18th that will be on their album as well. Listen to the preview of the song Nobody Knows at allkpop HERE. Usually I’d … Continue reading

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