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SHINee’s New Years Resolutions


SHINee had an interview recently, and were asked what their new years resolutions were. They have their bars set pretty high! I think they’ll able to do it, just not all in one year XD It seems DBSK and BoA are their idols. Good idols at that! Look at their success! ^^ Jonghyun wants to be a songwriter. Not that hard lol, just write a song! Topping international charts is a biggie. It helps indeed that some of them can speak Chinese. Still, that’s not the only thing you need to get onto international charts. But good luck to them for that. Selling 200 000 copies for their 2nd album? DBSK sold 300 000. But it’s their 3rd album, and they’ve been out for 5 years. Hmmm. It’ll be sucessful, but i dunno about selling 200 000 copies. I laugh at Taemin’s comment. So random, bringing in chicken XD Last but not least, it’s cute how Minho wants to go to the states to buy BoA’s album when it comes out. Funny, I want to go to SK and wipe out the CD stores T.T

CREDITS: allkpop, translation credits sanbi @ shineee.net:

#1. Jonghyun debuting as a Song Writer

“My dream is to become a singer & song writer. So I’m into writing lyrics these days. I write things while listening to music in the rest room. I am writing right now and if i can have it on our album i would be very happy. I get my inspiration from music and my daily life. And the listener’s stories i get from the radio is good too. I also go online too.” (Jonghyun)

#2. Topping International Charts

“We want to get 1st place in Thailand, China and other Asian Charts. Like DBSK. (laughs) We will follow in their footsteps. The sunbae-nims did a very good job so i think that’s why we are getting good results. The members to do speak a little bit of Chinese but we have to work harder. ” (Key)

#3. 2nd album being a hit

“We will be active in 2009 too. (laughs) Our 2nd album will come out too, won’t it? I hope that album does well. Preorders of 300,000 copies? (laughs) Ah that is DBSK sunbaenim’s record. Then for us 200,000 copies! To tell the truth our albums sold a little over 100,000 copies this year. Our goal is to get twice that amount! “(Onew)

#4. Get 14 CF Contracts

“We want to film a lot of CFs too. Cellphone, Electronics, Camera, Ice Cream, Drinks and chicken? (laughs)” We did film a lot this year. About 4.” (Taemin)

#5. Getting Awards at 3 Awards Ceremony

“Popularity Award, Digital Music Award….what else is there? Its getting more awards at each awards ceremony. (laughs) Ah! After getting the awards i want to go on a trip with the members. We haven’t gone anywhere together except for work related stuff. I want to do a barbecue party too. I want to go to the states and buy BoA sunbaenim’s CD too. (laughs)” (Minho)


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