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Heechul (Super Junior) Kisses Sungmin

Super Junior KPOP Korean Music
I was about to leave the DBSK post as the last one for the day, and then I spotted this. Yes once again, Heechul kisses a guy. This happened at the Nanjing (in China) Super Show during his performance of Michyeo, which by the way is korean for Crazy. Wasn’t the last time he kissed a guy ALSO during his performance of Crazy? This time, it’s another Suju member, Sungmin. It was sorta ugh to see ELFs posting things like ‘oh why Sungminnie?’ and ‘Why him? Sungminnie is too cute!’ *shudders* If you decide to comment, PLEASE don’t add ‘-ie’s to the end of their names O.O Plus, what, cute guys can’t be gay and kissed by other guys? Anyway I’ll end my mini rant to ask you guys a question; fan service again? Or is he trying to tell us he’s out of the closet? You know, I think Heechul’s gay, girls, sorry. Is Sungmin gay? Hm, not too sure, it’s only the first kiss. But then again, the Suju boys have always been known for random acts of gayness, like pulling down each other’s pants down on stage and on shows, kissing one another during concerts and perfs…Once again I ask, fan service or coming out of the closet? What do you think? Watch the fancam vid below. It’s incredibly blurry, but you’ll see what approximately happened.
CREDIT: allkpop + pri3an @ youtube

Super Junior KPOP Korean Music


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17 thoughts on “Heechul (Super Junior) Kisses Sungmin

  1. ..Oh My GoOdneSs!!!
    Can’t beLieve it!!!
    I’m TotaLLy SHOCKED!
    Is this the viD wheRe HeeChuL kiSsed JungMo???
    I’ve seen this but on diffeRent angLe..
    I neveR seen hiM [HeeChuL] kiSsed SungMin theRe..
    That viDeo was cut..!
    They cut the paRt wheRe HeeChuL & SungMin kiSsed!
    ReaLLy weiRd & ridicuLouS!!!
    My, it’s reaLLy HEART-BREAKING!!!
    Aww, whuhuhuhu..
    it reaLLy huRts!
    ‘cOz I reaLLy LOVE theM bOth!!!

    Posted by wiLLow439 | 090118, 11:17 AM
  2. i knew he’d do it again!

    i knew it.. i knew it.. i knew it..!

    this is his second time he did it, and he’s getting good! wahahaha!;D

    Posted by timezonebuddy | 090118, 9:43 PM
  3. HAHAHAA he might’ve had lots of practice from behind the scenes XP

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090119, 9:25 PM
  4. WOAHHH! Again?! Haha..

    Posted by Kenny | 090120, 11:47 AM
  5. again…Heechul should just come out already. this shouldn’t be fan service. bcuz if it is it’s a little bit too far.

    Posted by star | 090121, 6:56 PM
  6. yeah…i think sungmin is too cute to did that kind of fan service
    i dislike that kind of fanservice sooo much TT

    Posted by MeI jInG | 090123, 2:52 AM
  7. Anime guy kissing = HOT
    Real life guy kissing = EW.

    Posted by Naomi | 090128, 5:31 PM
  8. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! viva el yaoiiii!

    Posted by jacky-chan | 090315, 2:15 PM
  9. I really tink Heechul is gay…. Is there a man w/ proper state of mind do that???…. Even for fans…. I dont think so….. Sungmin is definitely a straight man…..

    Posted by 007177Yanni | 091010, 12:15 PM
  10. wo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0w
    heechul THIS MAKE me shock why U do that WITH ur freind do it with me baby that will be best hahahahahah

    Posted by suju | 091023, 7:18 AM
  11. yeah Sungmin get Angry form heechul , I think maybe he was saving his kisses for Kyu lool…

    Posted by Genna | 100112, 8:12 PM
  12. I don’t really think any of them are gay but, if they were I wouldn’t care :) I mean me and my girl friends have kissed for shock value at the club and I am definetly not gay…I think this the same thing…

    Posted by jess | 100501, 6:22 PM
  13. it is cute

    Posted by jhoanxtin | 101130, 12:34 AM
  14. I don’t understand why everybody’s so shocked. No wonder he’s in the closet seeing all these bad reactions towards him kissing other boys. He’s apparently bi-curious, but could be bisexual too. I’m not gonna lie, I’d be happy if he would announce that. :D

    Posted by Pansy | 110227, 11:02 AM
    • i also agree……..fist time seeing vids of hee chul kissing jung mo,sung min n si eon,i was like
      BUT LATER,i find it kinda interesting n sexy…..i think,i start to love it…if u r really hee chul fans,u will not say something bad or misunderstanding about ur hee chul….i don’t care if that is fan service or ha have other motives….i will support him,not critizing him without knowing his real condition…anyways,hee chul make me think his kiss toward guys very sexy n HOT!!!!I LOVE IT…THANK U HEE CHUL!!!!

      Posted by airin | 110915, 11:32 AM
  15. walaupun mereka berciuman,mungkin itu hanya bercanda,karena mereka memeng sering bercanda dengan hal seperti itu,,lagi pula kalau pria dengan pria berciuman bukan berarti mereka gay,,kan arti sayang dalam bentuk sahabat boleh di buktikan dengan berciuman atau berpelukan.orang yang mengatakan mereka gay,mungkin mereka sirik

    Posted by fachrial ciienthacmuayangcieentahaiyal | 110329, 5:51 AM
  16. DANG. You girls need a followup on korean culture. In korea, homosexuality is also tabooed but worse. But, unfortunately in our wester society we find EVERY FREAKING LITTLE THING HOMOSEXUAL. Like “omg he’s so gay wearing that fedora” Also, its just show buisness and fanservice. Its like a kiss during a play. I know half of you are too emarrassed to confess that you smiled at the sight. I know I did. Heechul’s sexual orientation is none of our buisness. But I can assure you that he is straight. The company forces them to do. the kissy stuff and they refer to it as brotherly love. And seriously, EVERY korean entertainer has done something similar, but the company is beind it. Now , study korean culture or don’t have anything to do with it.

    Posted by AsianCupcake | 111109, 5:57 PM

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