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Taeyeon’s (SNSD) Hospital Incident

SNSD Taeyeon and Super Junior Kangin

This is all over the net, antis+fans are going crazy (ok exaggerating that part haha!) so I decided I’d post this. Recently Taeyeon of SNSD went to the hospital at lunch time for a flu shot. She ranted a bit about her visit on her radio show MBC FM4U의 `강인 태연의 친한 친구`, with Kangin.

I went to the hospital to receive a shot because I was very ill with the flu. But when I arrived, the nurse told me to just lie down and wait, because it was lunch time. But she was a nurse, instead of telling me to wait, couldn’t she have just given me a shot? I almost caused a scene, but I simply stated, ‘How could you be like that,’ and left. Is it a patients duty to be sick on time?

Kangin replied:

Tell me which hospital it was. It looks like that nurse has lost her mind. She should just eat lunch forever.

SM Entertainment released an apology:

Taeyeon and Kangin should’ve been a little more careful with their words, unfortunately they weren’t. However, there were no evil intentions. All of us are very sorry about this incident.

My personal thoughts? First of all, Taeyeon and Kangin really didn’t have to rant on the radio like that. What was the point? To tell people not to go to that hospital? The thing is, things like this happen all the time, people complain, people get over it. Nurses do have to eat you know, they’re only human. And apparently in SK doctors have to give permission first, so that’s two people that have to deal with you. She should’ve just waited for a while, because from what she said, it sounds like she didn’t even wait, just got up and left. Hospitals run according the severity, nurses won’t come running to help you for a shot and leave some dying person. It is lunch time, there should be other doctors and nurses on duty, but maybe they’re busy with other patients that were there first or in worse condition? People here have to wait even in emergency situations. My piano teacher had an asthma attack and still had to wait, because there are other people too. However, it is understood that it sucks having to wait. When it’s you who’s waiting, you’d get frustrated too. Just like how as a student you totally want to be able to use your cell phone in school, but if you were a teacher you’d totally not want that. She was probably frustrated due to being sick. Being irritated is normal. It’s not that big of a deal, people are just going nutsos and blowing this into some huge deal. Sucks for SM, how many times have they issued apologies for something their artists said? *shakes head* Artists can feel free to express their opinions, just don’t say it toward the public, talk among yourselves, like us normal people. Being irritated is ok and human, but she shouldn’t have said it on the radio. Because now it’s become some huge controversy.


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4 thoughts on “Taeyeon’s (SNSD) Hospital Incident

  1. Ya ng Apalah. Cubalah sbr ckit!
    Harapkan muka jak kck tp prange dak antu!!
    Nasib nurse ya x halau takorg.
    Manusia zaman skrg.

    Posted by Meg | 090119, 2:31 AM
  2. meni karunya nya neng tae yeon teh…
    meni jararudes pisan nya suster korea teh..
    ceuk urang mah keun weh bade di suntik mah
    tinggal nyuntik weh atuh, meni kedah ngantosan
    dokter heula sagala…
    tapi keun we nya nenk, nu atos mah atos, nu penting ayeuna mah nenk tae yeon teh atos sehat deui, mudah2an mah teu karugrag…marangga ah kasadayana.

    Posted by shin | 090119, 6:36 AM
  3. she is the leader of snsd and she set a bad example. Snsd had been in a lot of scandals and as the leader shes supposedly be appropriate and polite. See wonder girls. They never say anything that offend anybody. They been genuine on tv and off. Even taeyang from big bang chose wonder girls over snsd!

    Posted by ViPvIrUs | 090206, 4:29 PM
  4. Huh?? A nurse need doctor’s permission first before giving a shot..its a standard procedure plus you only have flu while a lot of patient in the hospital suffer much serious disease and you as a bitch acting like that..you’re not a princess to treat you like that..this woman was stubborn and childish and stupid..does she has a brain..maybe she beautiful but empty brain..she much older than me by only 4 months but she act like this..if I’m in that nurse position I’m gonna give her a dozen of flu shot until she satisfied..BTW I’m a nurse..and that’s why I hate it..i understand idols are always tired because of they schedule and what about us in medical field that sometimes we don’t have enough sleep..not eating in the right time plus the stressed given by a lot of patient..and also the smell of blood and disgusting things in the hospital and still we do our job professionally..if that nurse give you a shot without doctors order her license as a nurse will be rebuke and bitch can you be responsible for that??

    Posted by Luce | 160306, 5:51 AM

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