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“If You wanna pretty”, watch FT Island.

Yes that’s right from KARA’s song, Pretty Girl. Wonderful engrish at its best. Anyway, getting to the point…at FT Island’s 2nd Island Rock Prince Concert (erm…must say…odd concert name lol…rock prince? o.O) in Pusan, they decided they’d sing KARA’s song, Pretty Girl. Why? Nooo idea. Fan service and to amuse themselves I suppose. It’s pretty funny, after all. They also sang Wonder Girls’ So Hot. Again, FT Island sings better than WG themselves. But that’s not hard to do, really. Almost anybody can sing better than them. Watch the vids below.
p.s. ROFL at their clothes. plus the yellow? o.O what were they thinking….

CREDIT: allkpop + xsilh0uette @ youtube




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