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DBSK in B Pass Magazine + The Secret Code Album Covers

DBSK is in another Japanese magazine! Yay! More eye candy! ^^ This time, it’s in the April issue of B Pass Magazine. Yunho cut his hair T.T i loved it when it was sorta long so he had his hair sorta gelled up in the back. So sexy!Now its short again *sniff sniff* Not that hes … Continue reading

DBSK’s Upcoming Album Secret Code Tracklist

As seen below, DBSK has released the tracklist for their upcoming 4th Japanese album, The Secret Code. It’s to be released on the 25th of March. The 3 covers are also there. Hot! XP You can visit their official Japanese website HERE. It seems that there are many old tracks on this album T.T I … Continue reading

Top 5 Most Wanted Women and Men

Here are the Top Most Wanted Women and Men (celebs) according to EBN News… CREDIT: allkpop The Top 5 Wanted Men 01. 이승기 Lee Seung Gi – 34% (343 people) 02. 정지훈 (비) Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) – 30% (296 people) 03. 빅뱅 대성 Dae Sung of Big Bang – 23% (234 people) 04. 동방신기 … Continue reading

DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) – MV + English Lyrics Translation – Survivor – Japanese

YAAAAAAAY DBSK’s MV for Survivor is out! Which means you can listen to the whole song now ^^ Its great, much better sounding than the preview. The preview hadn’t caught onto me, but this DEFINATELY has! CREDIT: 3minut3s @ youtube ALSO: Kenoa’s / frapbois @ DNBN english translation of the lyrics: English Lyrics – Survivor Everytime, … Continue reading

Half Naked Lee Minho in W Magazine

Eye candy! Lee Minho is featured in March issue of the W Magazine. I think he looks way cuter with half pama hair. Partly curly, partly straight works on him ^^ The pama hair…it’s just weird to me XD Also, some half naked pics (upper body) He’s been working out as you can see hehe! … Continue reading


More eye candy, don’t let it stop ^^ SHINee was in the ELLE magazine, March issue. They’re dressed in the Korean brand CLRIDE.n It seems Onew is not here (?) but every other member is here. ROFL i thought Onew was Key cuz his hair LMFAO then I looked closer and went…wait a minute, why are … Continue reading

Pics + Vids from DBSK’s 3rd World Asia Concert in Seoul

DBSK had their first 3rd World Asia concert in Seoul on the 20th -.- I know Im late on posting this, but I was studying like crazy ok? I still should be XP I have two tests next week Monday and Wednesday….ANYWAY, I must’ve mentioned a while back I wanted to go? But hello, school, don’t … Continue reading

MR Removed Videos; Revealing Artists’ Vocals

There’s been a recent trend of MR Removed videos. What’s MR removed? MR stands for Music Recoreded, so it basically means Music Recorded Removed. That means the song is taken away from a video so you only hear the singer(s) real vocal talents. Many videos have had MR removed for popular artists such as KARA, … Continue reading

Preview of DBSK’s Survivor!

Hoorah! Preview of DBSK’s upcoming single release. Survivor! It’s an upbeat track. The DongBang boys will be performing the song on March 2nd and releasing their single on the 11th, the same day as KAT-TUN. I think both groups are great and are diff genres, so I wish the best of luck to both of … Continue reading

Yet Another Magazine Shoot for DBSK (not that I’m complaining!)

MORE EYE CANDY ^^ DBSK are featured in yet another magazine, and this time it’s the popular Japanese music mag, What’s In? Obviously DBSK are what’s in, they’re irresistable in the first place XD They look sogooood! But what’s up ith Jaejoong always dressing like that nowadays. It’s wierd, sweatpants with uggs all the time??? … Continue reading