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Top 5 Most Wanted Women and Men

Here are the Top Most Wanted Women and Men (celebs) according to EBN News…

CREDIT: allkpop

The Top 5 Wanted Men

01. 이승기 Lee Seung Gi – 34% (343 people)
02. 정지훈 (비) Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) – 30% (296 people)
03. 빅뱅 대성 Dae Sung of Big Bang – 23% (234 people)
04. 동방신기 유노윤호 U-Know YunHo of TVXQ – 7% (72 people)
05. 슈퍼주니어 강인 Kang In of Super Junior – 5% (52 people)

Yes to Yunho (HE SHOULD TOP THAT LIST XD), yes to Lee Seung Gi and Rain…but…Daesung and Kangin? WHAT IS THIS?! How on EARTH cold Daesung tp Yunho and Kangin? ANd Kangin…why Kangin? There are way better Super Junior members like Siwon, Kyuhyun, or Ryeowook. And where are some more deserving members such as Jaejoong (I KNOW eh? LOL) I’m surprised G-dragon or TOP aren’t on the list.

The Top 5 Wanted Women

01. 손담비 Son Dam Bi – 39% (388 people)
02. 소녀시대 태연이 TaeYeon of SNSD – 32% (322 people)
03. 소녀시대 티파니 Tiffany of SNSD – 11% (106 people)
04. 원더걸스 소희 SoHee of Wonder Girls – 10% (104 people)
05. 카라 한승연 Han Seungyeon of Kara – 8% (76 people)

Excuse me while I barf. Seungyeon of KARA and Sohee? NOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAY. Who the hell is being surveyed here?! Old pedo ajjushii? As for Taeyeon and Tiffany…yeah they’re pretty, but i don’t think they’re so much as to be top 5 most wanted women. Son Dam Bi, yes indeed, she’s so pretty, belong at her spot. Don’t talk to me about the fact the surveyed chose according to personality, cuz ya from all the news we hear, Seungyeon and Tiffany are (i’ll say this nicely) attitude queens. And Taeyeon’s been in quite a bit of trouble herself about the Alicia Keys comment  and the hospital incident…


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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Wanted Women and Men

  1. my top 5 wanted men:

    BIG BANG <333333

    My top 5 most wanted women:

    WONDER GIRLS <33333

    Posted by anonymousxgook | 090225, 10:51 PM
  2. i love snsd n suju go!!!

    Posted by yumella | 090226, 6:49 AM
  3. heeheehee so much!!!

    Posted by yumella | 090226, 6:50 AM
  4. this list has a HUGE PROBLEM!

    Posted by techie | 090302, 4:11 AM
  5. seungyeon ftw

    Posted by aron | 090313, 12:02 AM

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