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FT Island in Ceci

FT Island was in a recent photoshoot for the april issue of Ceci Magazine (Korea). Very cute, they look good in this type of clothing ^^ I recently actually saw them on a Hong Kong game show that went to Seoul for the last special episode. I was really surprised they agreed to go on … Continue reading

K.Will’s MV for Dropping the Tears is Released

K.Will’s video for ‘Teardrops’ (also known as Dropping the Tears) has been released. Yuri of SNSD is featured in the MV. She looks really pretty, but I have to say her acting isn’t all too convincing, other than when a tear actually comes out. There’s no particular storyline, just mostly of Yuri either crying, being … Continue reading

100 000 Visits!

Wow guys. Seriously, thanks so much. 100 000 visits so quickly! I’m sorry I’ve removed the downloads, I just really think it’s more respectful to artists this way. I will just be mostly reviewing works, posting up videos and lyrics, as well as writing about gossip and news. However, I promise I’ll put one post … Continue reading

Yuri (SNSD) to be Featured in K.Will’s MV

Yuri of SNSD will be featured in K.Will’s MV for Dropping the Tears (also known as Teardrops). His album Dropping the Tears releases on the 31st of March. I’m waiting for the album, because K. Will’s voice is really great. Tiffany of SNSD also sings a duet wth K. Will. Take a look at the … Continue reading

2AM has Amazing Vocals

OMG. Wow. 2AM really has amazing vocals. I never knew this XD Yesterday at the Wonder Girls 1st Concert, 2AM sang A Friend’s Confession. The music didn’t work due to technical difficulties, so they sang it without any music. Amazing, so beautiful. 2AM said “Since it wasn’t our own concert, we didn’t feel burdened/intimidated, so … Continue reading

Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – MV + Chinese Lyrics – Real Man 大丈夫 (Da Zhang Fu) – Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin)

CREDIT: aplusck @ youtube Comments: MV for Jolin’s Real Man 大丈夫 (Da Zhang Fu). Nick is kinda cute XP Jolin is really gorgeous in the MV. Her dancing is very, well, suggestive, but lol wtv, it’s the 21st century. Some netizens are saying she looks like a slut, I’m sorry, that’s like nothing compared to … Continue reading

Byebye Downloads

I’ve been thinking about password protecting all the download posts lately…especially after getting a notice from mapthesoul.com to remove the dl link for the album in 24 hrs or legal action will be taken. Freaked me out quite a bit…If you’re a regular visitor who downloads then you’d post here and ask for the pw. It’s … Continue reading

Hangeul+Romanized+Translated Lyrics to FULL Super Junior Sorry, Sorry Album

Omo! Found the entire album’s lyrics, so I dont’ have to do all the work and romanize, plus there’s translations and hangeul! ^^ Loads of love for the ppl below! Feel free to post on your own sites but remember, credit! korean lyrics: mnet translation/romanization: crazykyootie@soompi 01. 쏘리쏘리 (Sorry Sorry) ========KOREAN======== Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry … Continue reading

Romanji+Translated Lyrics for DBSK’s The Secret Code

Here are lyrics for some of the new songs on DBSK’s 4th Japanese album The Secret Code ^^ If anyone wants a specific song, let me know and I can go looking for them. But for now this is what I found. Some of the translations may not be accurate since the translation is not … Continue reading

Epik High – MV – Map the Soul – Korean

DOWNLOAD HERE –>to avoid any drama or notices from mapthesoul.com i’m not even gonna provide a dl. i recieved a notice from mapthesoul.com to remove the dl link for the actual album in 24 hrs as a first warning and if it’s not taken down in 24 hrs they’ll take legal action. yo i don’t … Continue reading