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MNet Top 100 Pretty Boys 2009

Here is Mnet Top 100 Pretty Boys 2009. I agree with some of these, and sme I’m sort of like…what? The list came out  last week I believe. Anyway, onto it…

CREDIT: impo @ wordpress for the list and piccys

#1 Lee Minho – of course one of the famous F4 of Boys Over Flowers. Has to be on this list!

#2 Kang Dongwon – Er…who is he? XP Actor?

#3 Kim Bum – Another one of the famous F4! Such a cutie

#4 Kim Jaejoong – YEAH! DBSK’s Jaejoong of course! It’d be just plain odd if he weren’t on the list. He’s so pretty noona XP oppa neomu yeopot…

#5 Matsumoto Jun – Japanese actor/singer. Dunno him too well

#6 Kim Hyunjoong – ANOTHER F4! ROFL the Boys Over Flowers craze is really crazy

#7 NichKhun – 2PM member. Cute, but not so much as I think he should be in the top 10…

#8 Jung Il Woo – Actor! Great actor. Good friends with Kim Bum and Lee Minho. Believe he was in the historical k movie Frozen Flower


#9 Oguri Shun – Erm dunno much about him

#10 Jo In Sung – Actor. Was also in Frozen Flower with Jung Il Woo if I remember correctly

Here’s the rest of the list to 100…


11. Moon Mason
12. Joo Ji Hoon
13. Vic Zhou [hm I dont think he should be all the way up here…Taiwanese actor/singer, was part of the F4 of Taiwan]
14. Taemin (SHINee) [but of course! ^^]
15. Lee Yong Dae
16. Micky Yoochun (DBSK)  [poo Yunho should be higher than Yoochun]
17. Akanishi Jin (Kat-tun) [watch him in jdrama Gokusen II.]
18. Kim Jae Wook
19. Yamamini coopera Tomohisa/Yamapi (NewS)
20. Jang Geun Suk [yay! love him. I’m watching Beethoven’s Virus. Love watching him in it]
21. Minho (SHINee)
22. Heechul (Super Junior) [rofl. definately a pretty boy.]
23. Boyd Holbrook (model)
24. Kim Yo-Han
25. Lee Jun Ki [Yo lol when i first saw this guy a few years back watching My Girl, i just went O.O cuz he was so girly]
26. Ji Seung Jun (Shoot Dori)
27. Andrea Goldberg (Model)
28. Kibum (Super Junior)
29. Ji Hyun Woo
30. Yoo Seung Ho
31. Choikang Changmin (DBSK) [he’s cute. but why is he above Yunho! -.- he should also be above Yoochun.]
32. Tamaki Hiroshi
33. Yoo Ah In
34. Hongki (FT Island) [pretty!]
35. Mokomichi Hayami
36. TOP (Big Bang) [ROFL TOP pretty? Not so sure about that]
37. Hyunbin [yay! hottie alert! looks way better when he shaves, unlike in Snow Queen]
38. Lee Seung Gi
39. Gaspard Ulliel
40. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN) [one of my fave members of KAT-TUN for sure. I watched him in 2 jdramas; Nobuta Wo Produce and the 2nd season of Gokusen]
41. Sungmin (Super Junior)
42. Hwang Kidong
43. Teppei Koike (WAT)
44. Lee Dong Wook [yes! another hottie!]
45. Mun Sungmin
46. Ricky Kaka
47. Se7en
48. Jung Eui Chul
49. Tsumabuki Satoshi
50. U-know Yunho (DBSK) [finally -.- hmph. he should be higher on this list]
51. G-Dragon (Big Bang) [i think he belngs in the proper place]
52. Zack Efron [*vomits* did i ever mention i hate High School Musical?]
53. Lee Dong Gun [hm not bad.]
54. Miura Haruma
55. Im Joo Hwan
56. Nicholas Holt
57. Cheon Jeong Myeong
58. Kim Hyungjoon (SS501)
59. Park Tae Hwan
60. Ryan Curry
61. Shin Min Cheol
62. Mitchell Scott Hewer
63. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) [love his voice. so soothing]
64. Mingus Lucien Reedus
65. Kim Hyesung
66. Donghae (Super Junior) [cute]
67. Kim Dong Wook
68. Joe Cheng [OMG! he’s so cute, love him. he’s a taiwanese actor. i don’t consider him a pretty boy though.]
69. Fredrik Stenman
70. Joseph McManners
71. Park Hae Jin
72. Siwon (Super Junior)
73. Kim Jung Hoon
74. Matsuda Shota
75. Kim Joon
76. Nu Min Woo (Trax)
77. Baek Ji hoon
78. Chase Crawford
79. Baek Seung Hyun
80. Onew (SHINee) [T.T where is Key and Jonghyun? i find them the best looking, along with Taemin…]
81. Evan Yoo
82. Toma Ikuta
83. Hong Jong Hyun
84. Jonghun (FT Island)
85. John G Weir
86. Song Joong Ki
87. Eita
88. Kim Si Hoo
89. Robert Pattinson [wtf? vomits again. hes not even goodlooking. sorry to say that, Twilight fans]
90. Lee Wan [ooh he’s cute]
91. Sung Je (Supernova)
92. Lee Hyun Jin
93. Matt Anderson (Volleyball player)
94. Jinwoon (2AM)
95. Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit) [lol definately a pretty boy. hes not bad looking]
96. Chris (Battle)
97. Ben Barnes
98. Kim Min Seok
99. Taegoon [what a surprise!]
100. Lee Hae Woo


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11 thoughts on “MNet Top 100 Pretty Boys 2009

  1. omfg ! oguri shun was the japanese F4 cast :D

    he was the orange hair boy <3

    Posted by NeenaRepresents | 090303, 10:51 PM
  2. Whoa! It’s true! F4 is taking over the world hahaha

    Posted by star | 090304, 3:12 PM
  3. OMG!!!…MATSUJUN is there???!!!…it’s a high ranking for a Jap. celeb. to be in korean poll!!!…love it!!!

    Posted by meg | 090314, 6:12 AM
  4. whoooo dbsk!
    i guess the reason why yunho isn’t higher up is because he’s more handsome than pretty
    if it were the top 100 sexiest/ hottest guys then he would be at the top :)

    Posted by leah | 090520, 10:03 PM
  5. ahhh i love yoochun *O*
    he is so pretty xP

    TOP *Q* too !!

    Posted by domi | 091005, 1:09 PM
  6. I juz watched the volleyball match between Iran n Korea yesterday. It was so very amazing how KOR team played.. And I was impressed by the player named Kim Yo-Han!!! Oh my God! Hes sooooo cute n I love his tattoo too!! He was like the star of the match as the camera always zoomed at his face..haha The media likes pretty boys huh ;) Ive been searching info. about him but cant find nothing! >”< neither personal info. nor images.. Im sooo depressed!!! Can anyone help me please!!! Juz please give me a link or watever.. I do appreciate all!!! Thanks

    Posted by Daffodil | 091014, 3:05 AM
  7. hmm.. Matsumoto jun is awesome..
    better you know him..
    coz i love him so much.. !!
    ..he’s very famous in japan!!!
    ..also he is a singer.. belongs to ARASHI a famous jpop!!!

    Posted by eunice | 091025, 1:10 PM
  8. i really love lee min ho and all of the f4 and also nichkhun..he’s like david archuleta and zac efron mixed into..haha

    Posted by jan | 091229, 8:29 AM
  9. i like kang dong won because kdw charecter so perfact in all movieand ilove him for ever

    Posted by jojo | 100814, 2:11 AM
  10. hi , I’m iranian – It’s very nice pictures .. I hope that we can’t to feeling from talk with ourself ,. pleas mail to me if you want . ave fun

    Posted by sepehr | 131130, 4:38 PM

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