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FT Island in Ceci

FT Island was in a recent photoshoot for the april issue of Ceci Magazine (Korea). Very cute, they look good in this type of clothing ^^ I recently actually saw them on a Hong Kong game show that went to Seoul for the last special episode. I was really surprised they agreed to go on the show. Well technically they didn’t play games; they performed the theme song, and then played I Believe with Harlem, a taiwanese singer who is co-host in the game show. At the end they gave out their CD to everyone. Lucky! FT Island’s music to me is pretty good, but nothing I can listen to too much. But I have to say I have a lot of respect for them, because they can really play their instruments well, and Hongki’s voice is beautiful. Anyway, enjoy the eye candy!

CREDIT: popseoul




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One thought on “FT Island in Ceci

  1. you.. just hotlinked from popseoul
    thats just like stealing D:

    Posted by hotlinking | 090331, 7:28 PM

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