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Joo Ji Hoon et al. Full Drug Scandal Story

I think it’s pretty well known through the k-entertainment world the whole deal with Joo Ji Hoon (Goong)…but I think I have some duty to talk about it too, since it IS such a huge deal… On April 26 a representative of the Seoul police drug investivation department told reporters that Joo Ji Hoon was … Continue reading

Preview of DBSK’s Stand By You!!!

OMGOMGOMG i’m having a little happiness attack here HEHEHEHE!! ^^ DBSK is soon to be releasing a single! YAY MUAHAHA ok yes i’m normal XD They released the preview today, and the song is called Stand By You. It’s so niiiice! It’s like a mid-tempo ballad, similar to Why did I Fall in Love with … Continue reading

SHINee to Debut in Japan…Plus Pictures!

SHINee will be debuting in Japan!! Just like their sunbaes DBSK, SHINee is going to try and break through into the Japanese maket. According to KJnet, which plans Hallyu events (concerts+fan meets) announced officially that SHINee is going to visit Japan on August 10th. It’s SHINee’s first time in Japan, and the event will take … Continue reading

KAT-TUN Previews for Break the Records -by you and for you-

Another piece of jpop news…and also offering previews ^^ KAT-TUN is releasing their album Break the Records -by you and for you- on April 29th. I’ve found full tracks which I’m kind enough to share, because the quality is only so-so, I’m pretty sure fans would buy the actual albums. So I’m not password locking … Continue reading

NEWS’ Single 恋のABO to be released on April 29th

Jpop group NEWS is set to release a new single called 恋のABO on the 29th of April, with the following tracks… 1. 恋のABO (Koi no ABO) 2. ラビリンス (Labyrinth) 3. OPEN YOUR EYES (Regular Edition Only) 4. 恋のABO (オリジナル・カラオケ) (Koi no ABO) (Original Karaoke) (Limited Edition Only) 5. Share (LIVE at TOKYO DOME) (Regular Edition … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul+Romanized Lyrics to Kim Bum Soo’s Desire

김범수 (Kim Bum Soo) – 욕심 (Desire) 난 처음부터 가진게 없어 nan cheoeumbuteo gajinge eobseo 더 잃을게 없는 줄 알았는데 아닌가봐 deo irheulge eomneun jul aranneunde aningabwa 늘 외로움과 싸워야 했어 neul oeroumgwa ssawoya haesseo 져도 이겨도 결국 혼잔데 jyeodo igyeodo gyeolguk honjande 얼마나 힘겨워야 힘겹지 않을지 eolmana himgyeowoya himgyeopji anheulji 내 가슴에 흘려야 할 … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Romanized+Kanji Lyrics for FT Island’s Friendship

Sorry, I didn’t find any translations. But there’s the kanji and romanized lyrics! ^^ CREDIT: makikawaii @ blogspot 01 Friendship Stand up! さお歌おう Stand up! sao utaou 永遠に誓う Friendship towani chikau Friendship 喜びも 苦しみも yorokobimo kurushimimo 分かち合って wakachiatte ほらいっただろう hora ittadarou 一人で殻の中にいても hitoride kara no naka ni itemo 誰も気づかない daremo kizukanai 流した熱い涙に nagashi ta atsui … Continue reading

Intimate Note: Full Episode 25 ft. Super Junior

Here’s the entire ep I found on youtube. No subs yet. But hilarious nonetheless! Continue reading

Heechul is Miss Intimate

This made my day when I watched this in the morning. Super Junior were on the variety show Intimate Note which aired yesterday (24th), and this cut was when 4 members dressed as girls in order to win as Miss Intimate LOLOL. Guess which 4? Heechul (DUH!!!!), Sungmin (ALSO DUH), Eunhyuk, and Kangin . Heechul … Continue reading

Navi is Amazing

I think I said it all in the title. As I said in the download of her single below, she’s really not promoted enough. She deserves way more attention. Here in the youtube vid below, she sings Saturday Night by Son Dam Bi. What’s so special about it? It’s a slowed down rnb version, and … Continue reading