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Joo Ji Hoon et al. Full Drug Scandal Story

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7 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon et al. Full Drug Scandal Story

  1. I have never done drugs and probably never will. Though I have been tempted many times before. who hasn’t? As a professional business person, I really don’t understand people who cannot separate: work with personal. What Joo Ji Hoon does on his personal time is up to him. I don’t see how it should effect his professional career. I really don’t buy this whole “role model” responsibility. Everyone should live their “own”lives. and if parents want to have a “cow” about it, then I ask “why aren’t YOU your kids role model?” I am really looking forward to seeing him in ads/commercial/films, etc. so please don’t pull the plugs on this Star!!!

    Posted by ewin | 090503, 1:50 PM
  2. He should have been more responsible to himself and the people who truly love him. Hopefully this will wake him up.

    Posted by cookie58 | 090504, 2:45 AM
  3. i have never been devastated as a fan EVER.

    i hope he’d still be able to bounce back in the industry.

    at the end of the day, people should be held responsible for their actions. and he’s no exception.
    but i still love him dearly. :)

    Posted by wee | 090505, 8:47 AM
  4. I think he shouldn’t be blamed for the trouble with regards to TOKYO TOWER, They could still cast him, one way or the other. If someone messes up, truly, almost everyone will make his/her life worst. Its a downward spiral. I just hope that he would have a good battle in court. He was not selling but rather taking those.

    Posted by raki | 090511, 8:24 AM
  5. hmm… i think it’s the pressure on being in the business that push him into tasting some, i mean, everybody expects SOMETHING GREAT from you, and we’re only humans so exerting alot of effort on something can drain you thoroughly and can’t make you perform at your fullest the next event, *sighs* but this is really shocking..

    Posted by murasaki_yuki | 090514, 4:56 AM
  6. everybody make mistakes….so long one admit it and repent! should give him a chance to bounce back as all his fans are waiting to see more of his almost perfect and execllent performance on stage, movie & drama…….cast him in tokyo tower & not blame him as he does not wish to happen to! sometimes things just happen without you realising it’s a big mistake…wake up JJH and carry on your great work….just let the matter rest and settled and really wish to see you again in the limelight real soon!!!!!! 加油!

    Posted by nono | 090514, 10:29 PM
  7. ok..ok..true fans will love him not because of his star image but because of all he is, drug-usage and all…so he does drugs, thousands of other people do too. until drugs no longer exist in this world, will someone doing drug actually be bad…besides, i agree, it’s his personal life, don’t force your judgments of who you think he is/or should be on him…this is part of who he is at the moment…let him be…live life and move on…we only have about 100 yrs. (though i am anti-drug myself, whatever others decide to do to their own bodies is up to them)

    Posted by nosy | 090611, 3:21 PM

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