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[RECOMMENDED!!!]DBSK’s FULL Mirotic Tour in Seoul Aired!

The Japanese channel TBSch recently aired the full Mirotic Tour in Seoul!!!! So I’m watching it now. Will spaz talk about it after I’m done watching! Enjoy ^^ [edit] OMG I can’t tell you how amazing that was. They’re really, really great. This is why I want to go to one of their concerts so … Continue reading

[090530] Star King (ft. Super Junior & Nichkhun of 2PM)

Ok, Star King keeps getting deleted off youtube because it seems the krn broadcast systems have been cracking down on their shows on youtube. So if it gets deleted, you won’t be seeing it again. So watch it fast! There are no eng subs but who cares lol it’s hilarious on it’s own. Star King … Continue reading

[090531] SBS Inkigayo Faves

Since there’s several performances I liked, I just decided to put them in one post. No, I won’t post all the performances. If you want to see most of the performances (lacking just a few), head over to KBites. I have a link on the left side down under ‘Linkies’. 2NE1 with ‘Fire’. This is … Continue reading

Super Junior Performs ‘It’s You (너라고)’ on SBS Inkigayo

As I said yesterday, Super Junior has another performance today (31st). This time they were on SBS Inkigayo. Everyone’s dressed in white looking good :P. Kyu always seems to wear gloves…they’re silver today rofl instead of black. Sungmin…your hair…is still…T.T Ryeowook is such a cutie ^^ Donghae’s hair is straight today, it looks really long … Continue reading

Yoonha85’s Piano Cover of Super Junior’s ‘It’s You (너라고)’

Yoonha Hwang (Yoonha85 @ youtube) is a Korean pianist who’s been recieving a lot of attention. He’s been covering a lot of well known Kpop songs, and recently he covered Super Junior’s ‘It’s You (너라고)’. Yesterday, this video was the most discussed vid on Youtube Korea. It really sounds beautiful on the piano. I guess … Continue reading

Hangeul+Romanized+Translated Lyrics to SHINee’s Mini-Album Romeo

Lyrics to SHINee’s recent mini-album Romeo! Enjoy. credit for hangeul: MelOn credit for romanizations+translations: kimchi hana @ shineee.net + kimchi hana @ soompi Hangeul 1. Naega Mamae Deuleo 니가 맘에 들어 (Talk To You) [온유] 자 들어봐 너에게 지금부터 하는 얘기를 [Key] 관심 없겠지 이렇게 말을 거는 남잔 많지 [종현] Not gonna hurt you 잠시 … Continue reading

Mnet Scandal Episode 1: NichKhun (2PM)

AWWWW! It’s so cute. The girl MinSun seems down to earth, and NichKhun acts really adorable. They get really quite close, and the girl actually is ncie and cares for him so that people don’t know it’s him. It’s quite sad during some parts. This is the 1st ep, the 2nd ep will come out … Continue reading

Lee Jung Hyun (AVA) on MBC Music Core [090530]

Lee Jung Hyun (also known as AVA) returned after 2 years and 7 months. I wasn’t a big music and kpop fan 3 years ago, so I never heard of her. I listened to to her mini album and it wasn’t bad at all, pretty good. But I was never motivated to go watch her … Continue reading

Super Junior’s Performance of ‘It’s You (너라고)’on MBC Music Core [090530]

Super Junior with another performance of ‘It’s You (너라고)’. This time it was on MBC Music Core. I dunno, I think I liked their performance on KBS Music Bank more. Enjoyable to watch and listen to, but I think I liked their performance on Music Bank more. Apparently the perf was prerecorded last week. There’s … Continue reading

2009 Video Music Awards Japan: BoA and Big Bang

It was the 2009 Video Music Awards Japan (2009 VMAJ) today (May 30th) at the Saitama Super Arena. BoA and Big Bang both showed up, treating all the Japanese fans. BoA performed her song I Did it for Love and Sean Garrett was there as well. BoA ft. Sean Garrett – I Did it For … Continue reading