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Official Pictures from Super Junior’s Repackaged Sorry Sorry Album

Here are the pictures from Super Junior’s repackaged album ^^ LOL at some of the poses! Click to enlarge as usual. Erm…some of the shirt’s designs are freaky and then the other ones are like super random. What’s with the skulls/creepy faces :S like on Ryeowook and Kyuhyun and Siwon’s shirts???





I’ve TOTALLY official made Sungmin into one of the top members I love XD After watching him on Love’s Family, I just died a little inside. So now it’s Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Donghae in my top 4 kekekeee! Love Min’s post, same with Hae’s. WHEEE

rpkgsuju13 rpkgsuju14

Ryeowook undeniably looks a bit fem here XDrpkgsuju15rpkgsuju16

KYUUU you cutie :)


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from HKG > YVR > YUL > YYC 23 year old Hong Konger/Canadian with love for clothes and makeup, and always looking for a good bite!


5 thoughts on “Official Pictures from Super Junior’s Repackaged Sorry Sorry Album

  1. awwww this is awesome!!
    lol the faces are really creepy…
    the jokers face on kyu’s shirt…O__O scaryy
    but thanks for sharing!!!
    the boys look awesome!!

    Posted by piggywowuh | 090517, 1:36 AM
  2. i have more pics but wordpress is being a pain and not uploading the 37 pics -.-
    wait till those are up. those PWN these ones. they’re scans from the actual repackaged album and are totally awesome :D

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090517, 2:04 PM
  3. thanks for these pictures… i’ve been looking for a website that had all of them together… by any chance… do you have the photostream of them when they were all like wearing dark colors? idk… kyuhyun was wearing sunglasses in his picture… idk… if you do… i’d like to have those

    Posted by ilovedongahe | 090526, 7:31 PM
  4. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    Posted by M!ss eunhyuk | 100913, 3:52 PM

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