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SHINee’s Rose Day Event

WordPress is still being a pain in the butt, I was only able to upload 3 of the pics from the SHINee Rose Day event until it decided it hated me and wouldn’t upload anything else -.- Either way, here are 3 of the pics. The pics I have are up! And the official Rose Day Event video clip! (from the 14th of May)

Wheeee they’re all so cute! Everyone’s so happy and smiley :D Onew hahaha he’s so jumpy and cheerful. And Taemin was so cute giving out the roses. When they were at the women’s university, oh my god they were totally crowded. Some girl started taking pics of Taemin with her phone and Taemin looks embarassed. Then he dropped a rose awwww. OMG it was even more crowded when they opened the side of the truck. It was INSANE it was an ocean of people pushing back and forth! So cute…can’t wait till they come back! I wish I was there at the women’s university, because it seemed only there was it not that crowded and they made more contact with the people…no wonder, since the crowd on the street was freaking insane!

credit: randy19972 @ youtube


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