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Super Junior’s Live Performance ‘It’s You’ on SBS Inkigayo

*squeals* SO GOOD! AMAZING! Seriously, the performance was flawless. Kibum wasn’t there (OBVIOUSLY) but who cares when you’ve got all other 12? The vocals were great, Donghae sounded a tiny bit shakey in the beginning with his vocals but then he got steady again. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun’s vocals were great as usual! Dancing was good, transitions were smooth it was just GREAT! Heechul’s little ‘solo’ was good, voice was strong. Kangin dyed his hair GREY LMFAO and Sungmin…NO SUNGMIN *cries* he cut his hair!!!! WAAAAAAH NOOOO! WHO WAS THE HAIRDRESSER THAT DECIDED THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA???? I SHALL GO HURT THIS PERSON WHO SUGGESTED IT. I LIKED seeing Sungmin with floppy red hair :( The cutie looks like a little boy trying to sexy now T.T lol i can’t take him seriously right now.
LOOOOOL forever at Eeteuk’s hair PONYTAIL LMFAOOOO ok i understand when your hair is long, it looks cute to have a ponytail. But when you don’t have that much hair, you DON’T HAVE A PONYTAIL LOOOOOOOOOOL! Did anybody realize Donghae’s pants? LMFAO he’s so smexy and then i saw the pants and went O.O LOLOLOLOL XD The dance moves are so HOT. Eunhyuk, wow, your dancing is just so amazing :D


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