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[090531] SBS Inkigayo Faves

Since there’s several performances I liked, I just decided to put them in one post. No, I won’t post all the performances. If you want to see most of the performances (lacking just a few), head over to KBites. I have a link on the left side down under ‘Linkies’.

2NE1 with ‘Fire’. This is their 2nd performance I believe.
They’re really quite good for newcomers. They look more confident, and the crowd is audibly very hyped. I have to say this though. Their clothes…rofl

Interview. If you can understand krn. Goody for you.

2PM with ‘Again & Again’
Haven’t talked about 2PM and their perfs much. I’m not hyped enough to talk about them XD But it’s supposed to be a remix of the song… the dance interlude is jjang! I don’t like their clothes though lol, yellow is bleh. Their clothes from previous perfs were meh, the only colors that were good were blue+black and red+black. Purple was ok too.

Lee Jung Hyun (AVA) with ‘Vogue Girl’
I’m starting to like this song more and more. Good performance. She pulls an Audrey Hepburn look at the beginning.

2PM with ‘Energy Song’ Video
A lot of artists have had their turn with their vr of the ‘Energy Song’ and this time it was 2PM’s turn. The MV basically consists of them fooling around, playing outdoors etc. I don’t like how they auto-tuned their voices so much during the verses though. Alters their voices and doesn’t fit the song. It’s cute watching them though, acting like dorks hehe!


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