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[05/06/09] KBS Music Bank: SHINee, Super Junior, and more

KBS Music Bank of June 5th 2009. A few perfs I really enjoyed and some news…

SHINee made their comeback today on KBS Music Bank! They performed ‘Talk to You’ and ‘Juliette’. I’m really glad they performed ‘Talk to You’ as well, even if it was only a part of the song, because it’s one of my fave songs on their mini album. AND…they won over Super Junior’s ‘It’s You’! WOW! They just came back and they already won. Congrats to them!!! Vocals were great, of course, as well as the dancing. Good comeback from SHINee!
Watch the performance ^^

Winning Super Junior
LOOOOL at Heechul, being the dork he is, starts staring at Onew while he’s talking. He like starts from the side and slowly moves his head closer to Onew. When SHINee wins, Key looks so shocked, and all of them start crying. Their Super Junior sunbaes start hugging them and stuff. Jonghyun cried so hard! Awww! He was like kneeling over and then Yesung grabs him and hugs him. Then Donghae’s like wiping Jonghyun’s tears. Awww their sunbaes are so nice! It looks like Jonghyun’s actually hyperventilating from crying so much at one point.

Forgot to add his…
SHINee in the waiting room…being very cheery and dorky XD

V.O.S. with ‘큰일이다 ‘! Love their voices ^^

Kim Jong Wook with Kang Min Kyung of Davichi: ‘cheokhamyeon cheok’
I posted the MV a while back. It’s so cute!

And of course Super Junior with ‘너라고 (It’s You)’!
They’re dressed in pink and white this time.


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