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[090612] KBS MusicBank

It’s friday already, which meant MuBank was on. Here are some perfs I really enjoyed. There was a REALLY good lineup ^^

2NE1 with ‘Fire’
Much improvement, their best perf to date! Plus I loved the background and stage. Minzy…and her split…woooow XD I have to say Dara is the one who did the least well. Her singing definately needs more work. CL has a lot of charisma though.


Super Junior with ‘It’s You’
For the 2nd consecutive week, Suju is 3rd to win K-Chart. Oh well, maybe they’ll win Inkigayo? Maybe it’s just me (again), energy’s a bit lacking for the perf?

SHINee with ‘Juliette’
Another perf with those ugly clothes. Key is such a giiiirl XD My sis was gonna die of laughter from his clothes and hair. They were 4th for K-Chart.

2PM with ‘Again & Again’ + ‘I Hate You’
A MUCH better perf than their first perf on M!Countdown. Great job from the boys. But I wish the Jun-boys would stop wearing those masks. Looks odd XD But I am glad they’re wearing street clothes. They look hotter :P And btw, they won #1 on K-Chart!

Winning #1

8eight with ‘Goodbye my Love’
Don’t really have to say anything :)

K.Will with ‘One Drop One Second’
Another one I can just go :)

Lee Jung Hyun with ‘Vogue It Girl’
Fantastic and energetic perf as always! Brings something new to the stage everytime she performs.

Untouchable with ‘Wassup’ and ‘Oh’
They’re quite enjoyable to watch and listen to.


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