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[090613] MBC Music Core

2PM with ‘I Hate You’
It must be really hot, because they’re all sweaty already before they even start performing XD Anyway, great perf. Dancing is great, vocals were good. Those masks still bug me though. And Taec looks so ‘rough’ during his rap. He sounds like TOP a lot during that part. I noticed that when I first listened to the song.

Super Junior with ‘ 너라고 (It’s You)’
There’s some variation this time! Shindong and Eunhyuk have a sort of a dance battle to a remix of Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’. And then it’s the perf. There’ more energy to this perf than the last perf on MuBank, no complaints for that. Yesung’s hair…is still…snowcap XD I wonder if any of the members told him it looks really weird? HAHAHAHA! Eunhyuk fanservice. Shindong+Donghae like pull down his jacket to show his arms. And he was dancing at one point with his jacket half off so it showed his arms. And he did a really dramatic ‘chest pop’ move. The fans were really loud hahaha! Ryeowook with glasses! Looks so cute ^^

SHINee with ‘Juliette’
PHEW no more of those pastel ballerina clothes! Back to the hair necklaces. Actually just Taemin and Jonghyun are wearing them. The others aren’t. Improvement! XD And their hair isn’t curly. Everyone’s hair is straight. Key needs to dye his hair dark again though. Straw blond doesn’t look good. Gosh I love Taemin’s shoes. Gold+white hehehe and Jonghyun’s wearing polka dotted shoes LOOOOOOL Yes I’m weird I stare at their shoes. It’s not my fault the cameraman decides to do closeups of their shoes. Actually I really enjoyed this perf, cuz their clothes were normal (JK!), naa cuz I found it really energized. Totally started to sing along hahaha! And did anybody notice? Jonghyun + Minho missed their lines. I’m pretty sure Key wasn’t supposed to sing it. After he sang, Taemin sang, and Taemin was supposed to sing. But before that, Minho+Jonghyun have their lines. Ah well, wtv.

Lee Jung Hyun with ‘Vogue It Girl’
I think I’ve said it like 5+ times. Amazing performer.

8eight with ‘Goodbye My Love’

SeeYa (minus Nam Gyuri) + Davichi + Jiyeon (T-ara) with ‘Female Generation’
Lovely vocals, Cute perf. Don’t like Jiyeon much though…I’d rather just see Davichi alone. SeeYa…I don’t even know what’s gonna happen with it now. Nam Gyuri has walked out on them, for those who don’t know. Eh…I dunno. SeeYa isn’t the same without her, even if apparently she’s very princess-y. It’s a shame it had to end up like this. Don’t like it when members walk out and groups just aren’t the same. For groups that keep switching members etc. ehh. Never found it a good choice. After School will be doing that…Xing did that. Morning Musume does that (don’t care about them though since I don’t like them).


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