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[090611] Mnet M!Countdown

Mnet M! Countdown fave perfs here…
*[edit] DANG IT it saved a draft again. i actually wrote this up on the 11th. but wtv. here is is anyway. -.-

2PM with ‘I Hate You (Niga Mibda)’ + ‘Again & Again’
They’ve started their promotions for ‘I Hate You’ :) I like that song. One of my fave songs on their mini album. They have better clothes. Good. I was getting sorta sick of their costumes from before. Vocals are a tiny bit lacking for ‘I Hate You’, same with the choreo (a bit messy) but I’m sure they’ll improve; it is their first live perf of it after all. LOL at Junsu’s + Junho’s masks. The beginning was a bit shaky but it got better as it went along.

8eight with ‘Goodbye My Love’
Like this song more and more :) You can always expect good songs and perfs from 8eight.

Kim Jong Wook ft. Lee Bo Ram (Seeya) with ‘If You Pretend’
Hm…I like the original with Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung more. Boram just doesn’t fit the song. Kim Jong Wook looks so cute hahaha I always found him such a cutie. His hair+clothes are not so great today though XD Perm and…eh clothes, look yourself. LOL at his ‘Again & Again’ dance.

There’s an I The Tri Top’s performance, as well as Na Yoon Kwon, Untouchable, Lena Park performances but not all perfs are uploaded on youtube yet so…gotta wait!


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