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[090619] KBS Music Bank

No Suju today :( I already miss them rofl XD Let’s see if they perform tomorrow on MuCore. I hope they do. I’m used to seeing them now.

4Minute with ‘Hot Issue’
Lots of cheering from fans. Lots of confidence. Good perf. Some of the girls’ voices annoy me cuz it’s like ‘squeaky’ sort of. But there’s one girl, with short hair and sunglasses; she reminds of of CL of 2NE1. Lots of charisma and confidence. Have to still say though, they remind me of a cross between After School and 2NE1. And there’s a part of the song that sounds EXACTLY like Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’

2PM with ‘I Hate You’
Clothes are meh. And the Jun-bros are STILL wearing the masks XD Otherwise, everything was good. :)

K.Will ft. Jaebum (2PM) with ‘One Drop One Second’
Great vocals from K.Will as usual. Jaebeom was featured, and added a little spice to the usual perf. Sounded great.

SHINee with ‘Juliette’ + #1!
Hooray for their outfits! More normal =D Except Taemin. Poor Taemin looool once I saw his shirt i went o.O who on earth decided to stick that…belt…thing…around his shirt. Sure enough, he kept having to pull his shirt down throughout the performance because his shirt was rising up as he danced. From not seeing his brown belt underneath the shirt to seeing it. He pulled his shirt down at LEAST 5 times. Must’ve been so uncomfortable XD Anyway, great perf, congrats to them winning! No crying this time.


Brand New Day with ‘Mascara’
Very good vocals from the girls, but I still find the song so-so. Also, they should wear more outstanding clothes from the backup dancers. Hard to tell the diff XD

V.O.S. with ‘In Trouble’

8eight with ‘Goodbye My Love’

I the Tri Top’s with ‘To My Girlfriend’
YES! Finally XD Only one perf of them was on youtube. Poor them. Wish they were more well known. Stage was meh. But vocals + song was great! =D


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