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[090620] MBC Music Core -Suju’s Goodbye Stage+more

First, with the ‘hello’…
4Minute with ‘Hot Issue’
Confident as usual, but their voices! GOD they’re annoying -.-

And now the ‘goodbye’ T.T WAAAH
Super Junior with their Goodbye Stage, ‘Sorry Sorry’ + ‘It’s You’
Great stage, great performance, love them so much now. I’m totally going to miss them. They’re wrapping up their promotions for their 3rd album tomorrow on SBS Inkigayo. So sad. I’m going to miss them. I’ve just gotten so used to seeing them at least 3 times a week, not including (most of) them on Star King XD At the end, they unravelled a sign saying something along the lines of ‘We Love You. We’ll Miss You. Remember Us.’ or something like that. Awwwwwz!!!! Most likely we won’t be seeing them for a while. Their current plans are just the SM Town concert in August and Super Show II. Suju-M are coming back at the end of the year though =D I’ll miss seeing Sungmin though -.- But I still get to see Donghae, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook :)

2PM with ‘I Hate You’
Costumes better than yesterday. But still, I’d rather them dress in street-like clothing.

SHINee with ‘Juliette’
Decent clothes. They’ve worn em’ before. Again, LOOOL at Jonghyun’s pants. I wish they’d perform in the regular clothes…you know, like the ones they wore for the interview I posted up yesterday.

K.Will ft. Jaebum (2PM) with ‘One Drop One Second’
Again, Jay gave a little twist to the usual performance.

Untouchable with ‘Oh’

Tiffany and Yuri decided to tease the fans by singing a tiny bit of SNSD’s comeback song, ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’


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