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[090621] SBS Inkigayo

Even though I’ve already posted it…here it is again…if you wanna see backstage pics oof Suju, go HERE
Super Junior’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Sorry Sorry’ + ‘It’s You’

2NE1 with ‘Fire’ + Winning #1
Their 2nd win on a music show. Congrats to them. Dara’s hair is…unique to say at the least XD

Winning #1

4Minute with ‘Hot Issue’
Eh. Getting really sick of them already. Can’t stand their voices. Except for the girl with short hair. She’s cool.

SHINee with ‘Juliette’
MEEEEH at their clothes XD Minho looks so girly because of the pink ‘tights’. And I swear, their necklaces are always attached with the most random items. I remember Jonghyun wearing a ‘necklace’ with 2 freaking boomerangs on it. YES BOOMERANGS. One was red and the other was yellow. I’m half expecting them to come out one day with kitchen utensils around their necks. I love em’ and all, but their stylists should be shot. WEAR NORMAL CLOTHES DAMN IT

2PM with ‘I Hate You’
White looks GOOD on them :D They should wear white more.

Kim Jong Wook ft. Kang Min Kyung (Davichi) with ‘If You Pretend’
So cute so cute so cuute! I never get tired of watching them perform this song. Kim Jong Wook danced a bit of ChaeYeon’s ‘Shake’ LOOOOL! I always laugh a bit at the fact the male dancers have to dance like that though.

V.O.S. with ‘Something Big’
Great vocals.

Brand New Day with ‘Mascara’
Again, really good vocally, but the song is so-so.

Taegoon with ‘Superstar (Remix Vr.)’

SHINee with ‘Energy Song’ MV Part 2
GAAAH so cuuute! I was going ‘AWWWW’ the whole time while watching. Kids are so lucky. SHINee is just so adorkable!!!!


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