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[090626] KBS Music Bank: Mid Year Special + Light Accident

LOADS of great perfs yesterday night!

SNSD with ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ + #1 for the first half of 2009 for ‘Gee’ + S.E.S. Tribute with ‘Oh My Love’
Hm. Not bad of a comeback I guess. But I find something lacking for some reason. They look beautiful though.


S.E.S. Tribute
Jessica, Tiffany and SeoHyun of SNSD performed this. It’s sweet.

‘Boys’ Generation’ + Girls’ Generation with ‘Gee’
The ‘Boys’ Generation’ members are: Jaebum, Taecyeon, Nichkhun from 2PM, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Yesung from Super Junior, Jokwon from 2AM, and Key from SHINee. LOOOL at Jokwon. My god he’s so into it.

2NE1 with ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna + ‘Fire’


Rookie Dance Battle: Chung Lim + AJ + Taegoon
I liked Taegoon best. Then AJ.

2PM’s G.O.D. Tribute with ‘Friday Night’ + usual stage with ‘Again&Again’ + ‘I Hate You’
G.O.D. Tribute
This was HOT

Again&Again + I Hate You

SHINee’s H.O.T. Tribute with ‘We are the Future’ + usual stage with ‘Juliette’
H.O.T. Tribute

Poor Onew! He injured his ankle when he tripped during this perf. Plus later he fainted after a huge light fell, and was hospitalized. Must be all the stress. -.-

Super Junior with ‘It’s You’ + ‘Sorry Sorry’
It’s the official last goodbye stage T.T Sungmin didn’t dance, he just stayed on the side and sang since he injured his knees. I’ll miss them!

Davichi with ‘8282’
Great vocals.

Son Dam Bi with ‘Saturday Night’
Yay! Loved this perf. Her vocals were quite good tonight.

KARA’s Fin.K.L. Tribute with ‘To My Boyfriend’ + ‘Honey’ + ‘Pretty Girl’
Fin.K.L. Tribute
Even though I don’t like KARA…this wasn’t bad. The fact the song was good helped.

‘Honey’ + ‘Pretty Girl’

K.Will with ‘One Drop One Second’

2AM with ‘A Friend’s Confession’
Love the song and their voices. Their vocals are so goood!

K.Will + Baek Ji Young + Jo Sung Mo with ‘That’s What Friends are For’
Lovely performance.

Baek Ji Young with ‘Like Being Hit by a Bullet’
Loved this song a lot when it came out. It’s so emotional.

The Light Accident
During the finale of MuBank, where all the performers were on the stage for SNSD’s victory, a light fixture began to fall towards the crowd where unsuspecting Onew was. Fortunately, Siwon and Kyuhyun of Super Junior saved the day by grabbing it, and Onew was safe. Onew fainted from the shock and was carried away backstage by SHINee’s manager. He was taken to the hospital after showing signs of psychological distress. Many fans are concerned with the fact KBS seems to have tried to immediately cover this up, but as there are lots of fancams and the famous youtube, it’s obviously not possible. Onew is currently safe and resting, so no worries!
Fancams of the accident

Onew being carried backstage


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One thought on “[090626] KBS Music Bank: Mid Year Special + Light Accident

  1. thanks for posting this,
    i missed the show, because of my stupid cable operator had problems..
    wish to catch up the re-aired show..

    Posted by ressa | 090629, 11:22 AM

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