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[090731] KBS Music Bank

PACKED with good performances today! T-ara makes their debut stage (LIVE this time), while Brown Eyed Girls’ and KARA makes their comeback stage on MuBank. It’s the battle of the girl groups today, with 6 girl groups performing!

-Brown Eyed Girls’ Comeback with ‘Abracadabra’
~girls look gorgeous
~really hot performance, not to mention addicting!

-KARA’s Comeback with ‘Mister’ and ‘Wanna’
~changed concept from cutesy (EXTREME cutesy) to…well…less cutesy i guess. their clothes are better for SURE
~still…the way they sing ‘Wanna’…i still sense cutesy-ness
~’Wanna’ reminds me of something a Japanese girl group would sing for some reason XD

-T-ara Debut with ‘Lies’ and ‘Wanna Play’
~it’s live supposedly…but a lot of the time it’s actually hard to tell
~they need to work on their live perfs…but i guess it IS only their 2nd stage
~apparently M! Countdown wanted them to lipsynch on yesterday’s show…erm…makes no sense to me. why would they want that? o.O

-So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’

-2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’ + #1
~grats to the girls…but I think now…BEG will be taking up those awards

-F.T. Island with ‘I Hope’
~love them! love the song!
~poor Hongki…sounds tired…actually they all sound a bit tired. is it just me?

-Clazziquai with ‘Love Again’
~hm…as much as i love Clazziquai…i’m not really feeling the live performance of this song

-MC Mong with ‘Indian Boy’
~fun song
~B.I.’s getting a lot of attention nowadays…he’s the 12 yr old rapper, and netizens are already comparing him to G-Dragon

-4Minute with ‘Hot Issue (remix vr.)’

-Kim Joon (T-Max) with ‘Jun Be OK (Ready OK)’

-Sori with ‘Boy Boy’
~not really feeling the song, but Sori really has a lot of talent
~she’s really quite good at dancing

-Outsider with ‘Alone’
~i’ve yet to see a youtube upload of this performance…but i’m just letting you guys know he performed…cuz his rapping is amazing!
~supposedly the fastest rapper in the world but wasn’t let into the Guinness Book of Records because he rapped in Korean and not English. JEEZ why does it have to be in English??
~will post up the perf once someone uploads it
-it’s UP! ^^and omg…fantastic! the orchestra’s there =D amazing

Brown Eyed Girls’ with ‘Abracadabra’

KARA’s Comeback with ‘Mister’ and ‘Wanna’


Waiting Room Cut with B.E.G. and KARA

T-ara Debuts with ‘Lies’ and ‘Wanna Play’

SNSD with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’ + #1
‘I Don’t Care’


F.T. Island with ‘I Hope’

Clazziquai with ‘Love Again’

MC Mong with ‘Indian Boy’

4Minute with ‘Hot Issue (remix vr.)’

Kim Joon with ‘Jun Be OK (Ready OK)’

Sori with ‘BoyBoy’

Outsider with ‘Alone’


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One thought on “[090731] KBS Music Bank

  1. Hahaha brown eyed girls’ abracadabra sucks! Too much sexy scenes, it’s like.. Duh? Never mind. You’re a fan of them so i’ll just let it be. I won’t say something more.

    Posted by HJW | 090731, 3:09 PM

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