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SHINee + Kim So Eun Behind the Scenes During CLRIDE.n Photoshoot

Here’s a behind the scenes vid of SHINee and Kim So Eun during their CLRIDE.n photoshoot! If you haven’t seen the pictures from the shoot, go HERE! They’re really great. Seeing So Eun with SHINee makes me even more jealous of her…she’s so pretty!!! Unfortunately, no eng subs. Oh well, at least we get to … Continue reading

MV Preview of 4Minute’s ‘Muzik’ Released

The MV teaser to the title track ‘Muzik’ on 4Minute’s new mini-album ‘For Muzik’ has been released. I think I like this song more than ‘Hot Issue’. Plus, member JiYoon, who’s been wearing sunglasses, is NOT wearing sunglasses anymore, showing us her pretty face. The mini-album leaked 3 days ago, but leaks never seem to … Continue reading

f(x) MV Teaser for ‘LACHATA’ + Full Song Leaked

As most of you should know, SM girl group f(x) will be debuting this week. They released an MV teaser of their debut single, ‘LACHATA’. Other than that, the full song of their single has been leaked. To be honest, I’m not very excited about this group. The song hasn’t really caught me, and the … Continue reading

DBSK’s Tokyo Dome Concert [FULL TBS Broadcast]

YESSSSSSSS I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW LONG I’D BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!! I actually found this while I was at school on my break but the STUPID SLOW WI-FI WOULDN’T LOAD THE VIDS T.T So i haven’t even watched it yet! When I saw them I gasped and was smiling like insanely XD My friends … Continue reading

Interview with Yunho about ‘Heading to the Ground’

Yaaay! =D An interview with Yunho about him filming his first debut acting role in ‘Heading to the Ground’ with Go Ara ^^ Read what Yunho has to say! Credit: EDaily + Dramabeans “As I film Heading to the Ground, I feel myself maturing” With his transformation into an actor still ahead of him, U-Know … Continue reading

DBSK Confirmed for 2nd Jap CF + Preview of New CF Song

DBSK has been confirmed for their 2nd Japanese CF! They also have a new song just that’ll be featured on it called 甘く果てしなく(Forever Sweet). The CF is for Pinky, a mint flavored candy. The CF is going to be aired on the 9th of Sept, and the single will be out on the 23rd. (YAY … Continue reading

‘Sorry Sorry’ Made Ssanti (cheap)!

HAHAA Ssanti vr of ‘Sorry Sorry’! Ssanti basically means ‘cheap’, for those who don’t know. Wooyoung (2PM) is like KNOWN for his ‘special’ ssanti dances XD Who’s dancing? But of course…2PM.

[090830] SBS Inkigayo

-G-Dragon’s solo Debut with ‘Breathe’ and ‘Heartbreaker’ ~the perf many have been waiting for is finally here! ~great to see him dancing. he sounds slightly tired though, IMO. -KARA with ‘Wanna’ + #1 ~their first Mutizen since their comeback a month ago. congrats! -Jewelry’s Comeback with ‘Bounce’ + ‘Vari2ty’ ~hmm…the songs haven’t quite caught me … Continue reading

Super Show II Date in Beijing Confirmed

credit: korea.sohu.com + sjbluecn + eunmi@sj-world.net Good news for Chinese SuJu fans! =D For previous info on the SS2 schedule go HERE. Super Junior’s Second Asia Tour used the title “The 2nd ASIA TOUR SUPER SHOW 2″ for the theme of a Concert in Seoul, Asia Tour’s most important, Beijing Destination has been revealed, Super … Continue reading

F.T. Island’s Marie Claire Photoshoot (FULL)

OKEE DOKEE everyone. Eye candy =D F.T. Island’s full Marie Claire photoshoot has been released. Which means, you can now see the wonderfully handsome pictures of the boys. Primadonnas, enjoy! Must say though; is it just me or is Jaejin looking a bit too…zombie like?? He looks so tired and dead XD Credit: primanoona @ … Continue reading