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[090804] OPPO Touch Real SuJu-M Music Carnival Night

Remember the AD for the SuJu-M OPPO Touch Real event? It’s called OPPO Touch Real SJM – Music Carnival Night. The actual avent took place yesterday (Aug 4th) in Beijing and here’s the whole show of their performances + fanmeeting etc. ^^ Their cute fail chinese kekee! There’s 13 parts, and the quality’s really not good, but wtv! As long as we can watch it! Enjoy!

Part 1
Performance of Mi (Me) + Intro

Part 2
Talking. Hangeng is so loved haha! The cheers got like the loudest for him.

Part 3
Fan Interaction. Each members shines a red light on one fan that has a sign with their name on it. Lucky fans!!! Ryeowook’s fan is krn but she wouldn’t put down the banner from her face. Wierd. He tried to pull it away LOL. And hugs! Aww

Part 4
More Fan Interaction. Poor Ryeowook rofl his fan wouldn’t remove the banner from her face. He was like dancing and she just stood there covering her face.

Part 5
Zhou Mi’s Solo: 放手 (Fang Shou/Let Go) OOOh bubbles! :P

Part 6
Basketball skill showcase.
Performance of Ai Ni Ai Ni (Love Song)

Part 7
Continuation of performance of Ai Ni Ai Ni (Love Song)
Fan Interaction. Fans texted msgs (sent SMS) to SJM, and the members each pick one msg they like and the fan goes up.

Part 8
Fan Interaction. LOL Hangeng had an ahjusshi fan!! This time Ryeowook’s fan is very energetic haha! You hear some fail english here HAHAAA

Part 9
Fan Interaction.

Part 10
More fan interaction. As much as it’s great for the fans there…it’s not so great for those who just get to watch it happen XD AWW Donghae said ‘Wei? Wo de gong ju jai naer?’ (hello? where is my princess?) And Siwon said ‘ooh wo de lao po jai tse chu’ (ooh my wife is over there) Kyuhyun says ‘wo de shi geng bao bei’ (my precious heart~there isn’t rly a direct translation) LOL Donghae said this on Lu Yu’s show way back as something they learned to say!

Part 11
Fan Interaction. Fans give gifts. LOL Donghae is so bad ‘Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!’ YA right rofl the fans would kill the girl, she’d never leave the place!

Part 12
LOL DONGHAE AGAIN such a bad fishy making fun of the girl’s name ‘Lala! Lalalalalala byebye!’ XD
Performance of Shi Sheng Hai Yao Ni (There’s Still You in the World) God I love Ryeowook’s voice

Part 13
End. Goodbye words from each members. Gosh, I really can’t wait for SuJu-M’s comeback!


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