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[090820] JaeChun @ ‘Boy Pop Factory 09’

Jaejoong and Yoochun were at ‘Boy Pop Factory 09’ and they sang 4 duets. Here are fancams (I tried to look for fancams that weren’t just Jae biased or Chun biased but two of them are Jae FC)

-Rainy Blue
-Been So Long
~good attempt…since usually it’s all 5 of them who sing…Jae sang most of the song though
-Colors ~Melody and Harmony~
~Jae cried! T.T I saw him wipe a tear around 6:01. See if you can spot it.
~on a happier note…the single’s coming out soon :)
-actually I’ll take this oppurtunity to post the official single cover…

Article on the event:
credit: yonhap news + sharingyoochun @ wordpress

On last August 20th at musical event held in Tokyo Odaiba: “BOY POP FACTORY 09″, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong’s duet performance on stage led Fumiya to wrote about the memory of him meeting the two Tohoshinki members in his diary blog on the next day, August 21st.

“The atmosphere of the venue was heated up, two Tohoshinki members performed in one color creating big stage. No wonder the tickets went up high at the auction sales site to ¥ 200,000.” he started the introduction. “But I think the visitors there would feel a little awkward with the wide hot response by Tohoshinki fans, yet they’re really creating a good excitement atmosphere.”

“From two members of Tohoshinki I received CD and also handshake. Yatta! Yatta! It’s a rare chance to meet them.” he continued, “I feel the great charm and they’re really someone whom you want to meet. Tohoshinki is getting more and more popular these days. They’re good looking, having great songs, and also good in dance.”

At the Boy Pop Factory event, Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong and Yoochun sang 4 duet songs.

Rainy Blue

Been So Long

Begin (Jaejoong FC)

Colors ~ Melody and Harmony~ (Jaejoong FC)


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