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Hangeul+Romanized Lyrics to ‘Let’s Break Up’ by Lee Seung Gi

Hangeul and Romanized lyrics to Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Let’s Break Up’! He’s been pretty popular since he was in the drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’, and he got loads of preorders for his comeback album ‘Shadow’. This is the song he’s promoting, and I really like the ‘lie lie lie lie lie’ part XD So ya, enjoy. … Continue reading

New: Lyrics Page

Hi guys, Well, just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve created a new page called Lyrics. It basically has all the lyrics in language and alphabetical order. I realize my lyrics posts have been building up a bit, so I wanted to categorize the posts so it’d be easier for people to navigate … Continue reading

DBSK’s YG Magazine Scans + Trans

DBSK were in the September issue of the Chinese magazine ‘YG’, and here are the scans + translations ^^ Most of the pics are from AADBSK3 photobooks. It’s of them in Saipan. GAH I WANT AADBSK3!! (yes i’m complaining about it again XD) credit: JJnChunnie_lover @ 48haruhi84 + kymberlyn @ sharingyoochun + ONETVXQ TVXQ Dong … Continue reading

[090927] SHINee @ nanas’B Fansign Event

SHINee were at a nanas’B Fansign Event in Daegu on the 27th, and of course, loads of pictures were taken of them. nanas’B, btw, is a cosmetics company the boys are endorsing for. They’ve done CFs and stuff. So ya, Imma spam you all with 30 pictures of them. They’re fantaken, btw, not official pictures. … Continue reading

F.T. Island were Stranded in the Phillipines

source: Primanoona F.T. Island was stuck in the Phillippines due to the typhoon that hit. On the 25th, the group went to Cebu, Phillippines to film their new MV. They met a huge storm and were isolated while heading there. F.T. Island arrived in the Phillippines the next day, and the typhoon ‘Ketsana’ hit the … Continue reading

Members of After School, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls and 4minute to Come Together for a Project Girlgroup

Members from 4 girlgroups are coming together for a project group, and will release a single in October. Who? UEE from After School, Seungyeon of KARA, GaIn from Brown Eyed Girls, and Hyuna of 4Minute. There’d been rumors of this circulating the internet, and finally today (28th), the staff said ‘There are plans for UEE, … Continue reading

MV for Junjin + UEE’s ‘His & Her Situation’

Junjin recently collaborated with UEE (After School) for a song called ‘His & Her Situation’ and the MV was released today (28th). The two have a kiss scene! I quite like the song, it reminds me of something J would sing, or Alex with Horan. I dunno. Just me? XD

New Girlgroup JQT to Debut + MV Teaser

ANOTHER girlgroup will be debuting! This group consists of 4 members, 3 of which were from the ex group i-13 (like a girl version of Super Junior, with 13 girls, ranging from kids to teens). The group’s called JQT. The members are Park Min Jung, Lee Ji Eun, Park Ga Jin, and Joo Min Sun. … Continue reading

[RECOMMENDED!!!]a-nation 09 Broadcast: DBSK + Koda Kumi + Ayumi Hamasaki

WOWOW broadcasted a-nation 09, so now we’ve got HQ vids of performances! ^^ YAAAAY! They didn’t broadcast every performance though (otherwise it’d be hours and hours long haha!) If you dunno what a-nation is, it’s an annual concert Avex has for its artists. DBSK (DUH of course I’d post them haha!) LOVELY vocals, really great … Continue reading

MVs + Lyrics to Joe Cheng’s ‘不死心(Unwilling to Give Up)’

Joe Cheng’s EP (mini album) ‘Chang Yi Shou Ge’ came out on the 25th, and along with that, his MV for a ballad on his EP called ‘不死心 (Bu Si Xin)’ which basically means ‘Unwilling to Give Up’. The MV stars Ariel Lin, whom he’s worked with many times in dramas (for example the ever … Continue reading