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Interview with Goo Hye Sun About her New Album

Goo Hye Sun released her album ‘Breath’ yesterday (3rd) and at midnight on Sept 4th (er…not midnight yet here…so KST), she was on KBS Cool FM ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Radio Heaven’. With her was Isao Sasaki. Together they played ‘Chopsticks’ on the piano, as well as the song ‘Unusual Separations’ from her album. Other than that, she spoke about why she released this album.
If you haven’t listened to the song ‘Unusual Separations’, you can listen to an HQ mp3 below…

If you have, just go under the cut to read the interview! ^^

Also, here’s 2 pics of her and Isao Sasaki from a press conference. I LOVE her outfit, she looks so cute! And the long hair suits her so well! Other than that, I’m loving her album. The piano is just so pretty! It reminds me of Yiruma. So if you like Yimura’s music, it’s a must listen!

Credit: allkpop

Boys Over Flower’s Jandi Goo Hye Sun has revealed the reason behind the making of her new musical album, “Breath”.

On the midnight of 4th of September, Goo Hye Sun and fellow guest Isao Sasaki were also featured on KBS Cool FM ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Radio Heaven’. In the show, the duo played ‘Chopsticks’ and Goo Hye Sun’s ‘Unusual Separations’ together on the piano.

Goo Hye Sun stated during the show, “Many people misunderstand my aspirations; since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a movie director.”
She continued, “I have been planning a full-length musical film for a long time, and in the midst of that, I created some music beforehand. Usually the OST comes after the release of the film, but I wanted to see what it would be like to release the music first; this is why I released these songs – to reach and familiarize the public.”

Sasaki revealed that he had received an offer from Goo to take part in her album. Goo responded, “As a child, I loved Sasaki’s Sky Walker. Being such a big fan, it was a huge honor for me to request Sasaki to perform the music that I composed. I have never studied music professionally; I only learned a bit of piano when I was little. I had little courage to release my songs, but Sasaki’s stories gave me strength. Sasaki told me he studied music by himself, which was encouraging,” added Goo Hye Sun. “I made melodies every time I could think of one. I have saved about 100 songs, but only selected the best for this album.”

Sasaki went on, “I usually don’t watch TV so I didn’t know who Goo Hye Sun was. But her first impression was so cute. Only later when I searched the internet did I realize that she was an amazing person.”

Goo Hye Sun explained that the title of her album, ‘Breath’, was chosen because it is “something that everyone does best in their lives, but is unaware of.” She also stated, “I believe that the music we listen to is a BGM flowing like our lives.” She also revealed that the planned musical film will likely be shot this winter.


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One thought on “Interview with Goo Hye Sun About her New Album

  1. i like her outfit too! her green beanie is so cute, i want it! but i think she shouldn’t have worn those shiny pants keke

    Posted by star | 090904, 10:24 PM

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