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Yunho (DBSK) Evisu Photoshoot (including the NEW pics)

Yes, another post with Yunho in it. This time, it’s the Evisu photoshoot. And it’s really. Really. Hot. Take the pic below for example. Just click for the full sized pic.


Yes. That’s right. And there’s more. Shirtless pics. I know we all want those.

You know, most Evisu clothes are for guys and all, but do you think guys will stare at him the clothes like us girls will? I think Evisu wants to make all the girls drool and force their boyfriend to buy these clothes HAHA! OH not only that, but there’s a t-shirt for a good cause:
credit: sportshankook + DNBN + jeeelim5 @ tohosomnia.net

Evisu and the brand’s model TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho will be running the Hope Block campaign. This campaign is about fighting the dark and gloomy atmosphere society has due to the recession and building up hope block by block. This campaign has been receiving positive feedback from customers as the it fits well with U-Know Yunho’s image as a giving celebrity who donated scholarships to his high school and secretly went to an orphanage to help out. The Hope Block t-shirt he wore for the advertisement is very popular among couples and it has been released in three colors of black, white and pink for both men and women.

It’s tempting to get it, no? One of the pics, the title on top is ‘Do U Know?’ Oh yes, I do know, U know. You know, U-Know, Yunho…get it?  LOL! ok yes. bad pun. I’ll stop now. It’s the pictures. Their fault. Ok. Just go under the cut. There’s 14 pics under there.



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