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Jaebum to be Kicked Off Variety Show? + Wooyoung’s Minihompy Post + Hottest Petition to Support Jaebum


2PM’s Jaebum is facing more problems despite his apology over the whole MySpace incident. (Read about it HERE if you haven’t yet). Seems like he might be kicked off a variety show :S Not only that, member Wooyoung’s been taking some heat. He recently made a minihompy post on his CyWorld, causing his page to be bombarded by comments and criticism. There are currently some people who want 2PM to stop all activities, and not only that, but to KICK Jaebum OUT of Korea, along with some of the other international members like Nichkhun and Taecyeon. Okay, that, I don’t understand AT ALL. It’s one thing to be hating on Jaebum for his mistakes, but it’s another to drag other members into this. The other members had NOTHING to do with what Jaebum wrote on his MySpace, so why should they have to suffer as well? It’s ridiculous to want to end 2PM activities completely (they’re planning on releasing a full length album soon) and kick people out of the country. Lots of people say crap about other people; you don’t see people kicking people out of the country for doing that. 2PM has become one of my favorite groups, not only because of their dancing and singing, but also because from variety shows and interviews, I can see that they’re a fun batch who are less idol-like than any other idols in the kpop world. It’d be a shame to lose such talent and entertainment in the kpop world all because of what Jaebum had done in the past.

SO…the Hottest have come together to put up a petition supporting Jaebum and 2PM. You can sign HERE. I signed not because I think Jaebum is right, but because it’s unfair to the other members of 2PM and like I said, it’d be a shame to lose such talent in the kpop world because of this.

Read about why I just ranted below the cut XD

2PM’s Jaebum to be Kicked Off Variety Show?
credit: allkpop

2PM’s leader Jaebeom has been receiving much attention having been one of the main cast in MBC’s “Sunday, Sunday Night.” In “Sunday, Sunday Night”, he has been filming for a new corner called, No-Da-Gee.

No-Da-Gee is a variety show based on Korea’s history where the show’s cast is basically suppose to go around Korea’s historical landmarks and complete missions, in order to complete Korea’s treasure map.

Because he was born and raised in America, Jaebeom is not fully aware of Korea’s culture and history. Even so, viewers had criticized him when he was not able to sing Korea’s national anthem in one of the episodes.

From the controversies of Jaebeom’s past mistakes surfacing, on top of him not knowing Korea’s national anthem by heart, there are discussions being made on whether Jaebeom will be able to stay on the show or not. As a settlement was not made on September 5th, the day his myspace controversy arose, it has been announced that one would be made by the 7th.

2PM WooYoung’s recent minihompy post – protecting JaeBum?
credit: Kbites

Amidst of the outrage against 2PM Park JaeBum for his offending messages posted up on his MySpace page, fellow member WooYoung speaks up about the incident.

He wrote a post with the title ‘Hottest… Thank you ^^’ and said, “We 2PM is not 7 members, we are one.” on the morning of 6th September and has attracted many visitors to his blog.

Currently the whole situation has blown out of proportions, after message which JaeBum wrote on his MySpace page before debut in 2005 were discovered. Some of the messages he wrote were offending to Koreans like ‘Korea is gay’, ‘I want to go back to the States’.

Many netizens and fans have voiced their unhappiness and disappointment, “I’m disappointed, even if you say that he wrote this when he was young, this is not something you can joke about still.”

Even though JaeBum has posted up an apology after the incident was revealed, the criticisms against him just continue to grow.

Hottest Unite to Help 2PM Jaebum
credit: Kbites

Everything was going on just right – the 2PM boys were receiving many love calls to go on broadcast shows despite the fact that it is their rest period and there was great anticipation for their upcoming 2nd album to drop in October.

But with the recent revelation of the message which 2PM member JaeBum post on his MySpace account offending many Koreans, Korean netizens are calling for a petition to stop all activities for 2PM.

And the Hottest wants to help change the situation for better.

The Korean netizens are going on a spree of demeaning bashing and calls for petition to stop 2PM’s activities.

What makes things worst was that more offending posts written by JaeBum’s friends were revealed after the incident and the media is tapping on this and blowing things out of proportions once again.

So the Hottest are coming together to do a petition to help JaeBum. And they are calling for more Hottest to help.


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5 thoughts on “Jaebum to be Kicked Off Variety Show? + Wooyoung’s Minihompy Post + Hottest Petition to Support Jaebum

  1. hey. just wanted to let you know, that the other international members are Nichkhun and Taecyeon, not Chansung ^^ btw, thanks for supporting 2PM ^^ (i know you’re not directly supporting Jay, that’s why i said 2PM hehe)

    Posted by muriel | 090906, 7:45 PM
  2. OH my bad, thanks for letting me know

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090906, 10:42 PM
  3. people are being so stupid about this. i mean its not like korea is the best country everr-_- and who tapped into Jay’s myspace comments anyways? well, whoever did that wanted to ruin Jay because maybe that person was jealous of how great he is. but really… why would they and how did they tap into his comments in the first place?? godd, tapping into his privacy, freakin peoplee..

    Posted by sollie. | 090907, 11:41 AM
  4. well the thing is, you should know that whatever you write on MySpace, or Facebook, or anything, if you keep it public, it’s free for ANYONE to have access to it. he left his MySpace public, so well, people were able to take advantage of that.

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090907, 11:49 AM
  5. i would like help bring back Jaebeom and make him rejoin the group. I heard that JYP went to go see jay and his family. I wonder what they were talking about. I hope that he will come back. We need him. Jay Park i hope that you are watching the videos and the comments about you returning back. Please i hope that while you are watching us Support you that you will come back and rejoin the group. Please come back.
    2pm i love you.
    Jay I love you/

    Posted by yeji | 090930, 1:13 PM

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