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New Boygroup ‘SHU-I’ to Debut Mid-September


There’s currently a billion lot of girlgroups promoting and debuting in the kpop world, and I’m glad to say that there will now be some testosterone! XD A new idol boyband will be debuting, and they’re called SHU-I (슈 아이, pronounced as Shoo-a-ee). They’re a 5 member group, and their debut single will be released on September 11th. The choice of the name of single’s not so great: ‘BOMB BOMB BOMB’. Eh…iffy subject on Sept 11th…Anyway, the group’s name is short for ‘So Hot Union of Idols’. In Mandarin Chinese, it can also mean ‘shuai (帥)’, which means goodlooking.

Oh GOD that is a terrible name. It’s got to be one of the worst names in the history of kpop. And I thought H.O.T. (Highfive Of Teenager) was bad enough! Plus, that Chinese thing? Sheesh, that’s like those Taiwanese boygroups that are playing around their group name, like Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang 棒棒堂) and another group under the same company, their hoobaes, Choc7 (Chao Ke Qi 超克七). Just so you know, Bang Bang Tang=err…very good, but the point is the pronounciation fo the name can be twisted to mean Lollipop. Same with Chao Ke Qi. It means Super 7, and the pronounciation can be twisted to mean Chocolate, which led to Choc7.

ANYWAY, apparently the group’s been training to debut for 2 years, and they obviously want to make it big in Asia, since their name is even somehow related with Chinese. The members are HyungJoon, MinHo (main vocalist), JinSeok, ChangHyun, and InSeok (leader). They’ve already showed up on some shows such as ‘JinShil Game’, ‘Introducing Star’s Friend’, and ‘꽃미남 아롱사태’. They’ll start promoting in mid-September.

Again, glad to see some guys in the kpop industry, now that 2PM most likely will have to push their comeback date, and so many girlgroups/females are promoting right now. I don’t think DBSK will be coming back to Korea anytime soon, same with Super Junior and Big Bang. MEH. And now that F.T. Island seems to have stopped performing on the weekend music shows, the only guys I was able to watch was Taecyeon for the ‘Ear Candy’ perf, Kim Tae Woo (but he’s old! XD) and Trax+Air. I guess there’s Rain’s boyband but we haven’t heard when they’ll be debuting…anyway, not so sure if SHU-I will make it big, but perhaps they might, since they seem to be the only boygroup amongst all the girls during their period of debut. Good choice.


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3 thoughts on “New Boygroup ‘SHU-I’ to Debut Mid-September

  1. Which company are they from? I’m curious about that…

    Posted by BabyTaemin | 090907, 1:14 PM
  2. yes~~ finally male group debut!!
    Im looking forward for this group~
    their single is quite nice especially the 2nd track~

    Posted by ♥은윤재장시민♥ | 090911, 11:20 AM
  3. There’s always SHINee!!! (and B2ST, MBlaq, and UKiss.. too :D)

    Posted by KeyMera | 110213, 5:51 PM

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