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Super Junior-M Confirmed for Comeback

As previously posted, Super Junior-M is going to be making a comeback! They are confirmed to come back at the end of the month. Also, SM Ent has partnered with Sohu.com (Chinese portal website). SuJu-M will start releasing teaser clips and so on starting on Sept. 11th.

Super Junior-M said, ‘We are very happy to be bringing our new album to everyone and we have made a lot of preparations for it. We hope that everyone can continue to show their support for Super Junior-M’s music and activities and continue to support and love us.’

Oh I’ll continue to support you guys and love you guys alright! XDD

Here’s SuJu-M’s Comeback Sched….
11th September (This Friday) – SJ-M album teaser
14th September (Next Monday) – MV release
18th September (Next Friday) – Exclusive chat with SJ-M on Sohu.com

And about that MV…SNSD’s Jessica will be featured in it. Apparently Jessica’s popularity in China led her to be chosen from the rest of the SNSD members. The title track hasn’t been released yet, but I’ll keep you guys updated once I know!

Meanwhile, here’s some eye candy =D Click to enlarge
OMGOMGOMG DONGHAE *squeals* looks so freaking hot *dies* KYUHYUN’S PERM LOLOLOL maybe it’s just cuz I’m not used to it…but it looks so odd! Ryeowook looks like Khalil Fong o.o Henry looks slimmed down. Either way, they all look fantastic!




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