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Yunho Praised in ‘Heading to the Ground’

Yunho’s first acting debut in ‘Heading to the Ground’ has been praised by many viewers! He exceeded many viewers’ expectations. The first episode aired today (9th). I really really really really wanna watch it, but I’ve gotta wait for those eng subs!!!! Once the weekend comes, I will attack those eps! =D The ep is up on youtube (no subs though obviously), so if you understand krn, go watch! Here’s part 1…

Credit: KBites

The first episode to Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ has been aired on 9th September. And YunHo’s acting has been said to be above expectations.

It is said that he has brought out 120% the charms of the character Cha BongGoon whom he plays in the drama, from the character’s defiancy to cuteness.

Even though there were some awkward acting for his first acting attempt, on the whole he has brought out Cha BongGoon’s charms out, proving his acting skills.

Also with that fact that the director to the show is Park SeongSoo, who has discovered the acting talents of other stars like Eric and Yang DongGeun, there is high possibility that YunHo will follow that trend.

And with this drama, YunHo has shown a different side to him as to the charismatic features he would show as part of Dong Bang Shin Ki. His character in the show – confident, blunt and fresh Cha BongGoon – is very popular amongst the female TV viewers.

Viewers have commented on online noticeboards, “Normally singers would get some criticisms for their acting when they first started out acting, but YunHo’s acting is above expectations”, “Even though I thought there were some points when he went over with it, he suits the character” etc


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One thought on “Yunho Praised in ‘Heading to the Ground’

  1. honestly the worst thing EVER is having super slow net…here i am waiting patiently for this lovely drama to load….ten mins later i check on it….its hardly moved ==….but i decide to watch it anyways…aww bout the first 21 seconds of it and found myself screamin WHAT HAPPENS NEXT….great just great…. i’m so excited, and i cant hide it(8)

    Posted by evelyn | 090910, 7:59 AM

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