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New Girlgroup HAM to Debut (yes you read right)

There’s yet another new girlgroup. I have to comment about this one, because seriously, the group names can’t get worse than this. The girl group’s name is called…HAM. YES. You read right. HAM. Actually it stands for Heart And Mind. But STILL. HAM?!! JEEZ.
There’s 4 members in the group, including a Chinese member.
-Gayeon who’s the ‘energy of ham’
-MiU the leader and ‘charisma of ham’
-SuJin the ‘voice of ham’
-HyoNi the ’style of ham’
They will be debuting with a track called ‘티티댄스 (T.T Dance)’. LOL. The name. ‘T.T Dance’ XD They’ll be appearing on the 16th on Mnet cable channel on a program called ‘Hello. We are the new group HAM’ . Yet another name failure. That’s a hilarious name for a show. They’ll debut the following day on M! Countdown. Also, according to allkpop…

Unlike the electronic sound style of this generation’s girl groups, HAM’s upcoming track “T.T Dance” will focus on an intense rock sound and addicting melody. It was also made known that the director of HAM’s first music video has also directed music videos for popular artists in the past, such as Seo Taiji, Epik High, Wheesung, and SS501.

Intense rock sound. HA. HA. That’s hilarious. Why? Listen to the teaser.

YA RIGHT intense rock sound. What BS. How is that intense rock?!!! To be honest, I’m not looking forward to anymore girl groups at all. TOO MANY!!!! <.<


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2 thoughts on “New Girlgroup HAM to Debut (yes you read right)

  1. Don’t like them, I expect SHU-I to be a bigger hit than them.

    Posted by Jakerz | 090915, 9:55 PM
  2. oh dear god…what is this noise

    Posted by evelyn | 090916, 6:43 AM

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