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2PM to Continue as 6 Members

Park Jin Young has spoken up about the Jaebum situation. 2PM is going to continue as 6 MEMBERS without Jaebum. Fans are panicking and boycotting 2PM.

Um…what? What on earth is wrong with those fans who are boycotting? If you boycott, ALL of 2PM will be gone. Do you really want 2PM to disappear completely? Anti-fans pushed Jaebum away, and now 2PM’s own fans are pushing 2PM into a corner. The other members are going to suffer! Stop forcing Jay to come back! He’ll come back when he’s ready. He said he’ll come back, so leave him ALONE. As if JYP and Jay needed more pressure.

Credit: KBites

Park Jin Young has announced that 2PM will continue as 6 members without leader Park JaeBum. With 2PM promoting without JaeBum, fans have gone into a panic state and a further boycott.

Park Jin Young wrote on JYP Entertainment official homepage on 17th September, “JaeBum said that he cannot get back to the stage to perform because he is very sorry and embarrassed.”

Park Jin Young also added, “2PM will continue with their schedule as 6 members. We cannot comply with the demand for JaeBum’s withdrawal.”

“For those who are worried about the 4 years of training gone to waste, There will be other opportunities for JaeBum in the future since he has spend 4 years practising and he has the talents in him.”

And on various internet forum sites and fan sites, the message by JYP was posted up, and has caused an outroar amongst fans and netizens.

2PM will be promoting as 6 members – JunSu, TaekYeon, ChanSung, Nich Khun, JunHo and WooYoung from now.

Fans’ responses:

* “We will boycott all activities of 2PM without JaeBum. I’m sorry to the other 2PM members, but we cannot support the group as 6 members.”
* “(To the 2PM members) We are doing this for you. Really sorry but we will love the group as 7 members.”
* “I cannot not support the group as 6 members”
* “It is heartbreaking to just think about seeing them as just 6 members. I cannot support 6PM”
* “I can’t bring myself to see them promote as 6 members”
* “Park Jin Young said 2PM was his pride, now his pride has fallen”
* “The mass public which Park Jin Young thought about did not include the 2PM fans who have been speaking as one voice”

Official statement: (credit allkpop)

Official statement:

Hello, this is JYP.

For the past five days we have listened to what many people had to say regarding the Jaebeom incident. We have listened to the rebukes towards Jaebeom, the rebukes toward our company, and many of you telling us to give him another chance has been carefully heard.

We have carefully and thoroughly discussed what the next moves are regarding our company, the 2PM members, and Jaebeom. Jaebeom has been receiving many encouraging comments from many fans, but his feelings about his wrong doings has still not changed. He still feels sorry and embarrassed for what he did and is not able to perform on stage. Jaebeom has pleaded to not cancel 2PM’s activities which was the result of the sweat, blood and tears of the other six members, just because of what he has done. He has said this is the reason why he must leave 2PM.

I also agree with Jaebeom. The reason why i have not held on to Jaebeom is because if we look towards the life ahead of him, this will not be a big matter that will effect his whole life. Many of you are worried that he has wasted four years of training towards his dream, but i believe that training has not gone to waste, because if he grabs this chance to mature as a person, Jaebeom will be able to fly better than ever.

I believe that as harmful the words that came from Jaebeom were, telling him to immediately leave the country was no better. I am going to respect his decision / wish of wanting to spend some time alone, off the stage and if and when the time comes that he tells me he is ready to come back on stage and perform, it is my duty / role to do everything in my power to help him with this wish. When that day comes, I believe that’s when your encouragements and cheering will truly help him. I am once again truly sorry and apologize for not being able to thoroughly take care of my artists. I will do my best in making sure things like this never happen again.

I once again would like to thank all of you.

2PM will continue as a 6 member group.



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