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Joe Cheng to Debut as Singer: MV + Performance + Lyrics

Should TOTALLY be studying but then I found out…

Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng is debuting as a singer! If you can’t think of who it is, Joe Cheng was is a model turned actor, who starred in the ever popular ‘It Started with a Kiss’, as well as continuing with the sequel, and another drama with the same actress he worked with in the ‘Kiss’ series, Ariel Lin.
I’m pretty surprised that he’s venturing into the music industry! His EP (in other words, single or mini album) will be out on the 25th of September, and it’s called ‘Chang Yi Shou Ge (Singing a Song 畅一首歌)’. The actual Chinese characters are a play on words. Chang=sing, but also 畅 is part of his name: 鄭元暢. It’s a fast paced dance song. I’m SO not used to seeing him dance XDDD It just boggles my mind! Anyway…

The MV ft. Lin Chi Ling

090909 Live Performance

Lyrics below…sorry, just chinese lyrics

Credit: crimsonrain.com
詞: 戚成
曲: 陳孟奇


#會心煩 會孤單 會不安 會傷感
沒人管 我冷暖 早習慣
閃光燈 不關心我的壞天氣 只有你才會在意
所有人 在崇拜鏡頭里的我 只有你才會懂我
謝謝你給我那一座 叫寬容的天堂
讓我能棲身 能療傷

*有一首帶著陽光的歌 暢一首歌 照亮你的心
特別唱給你聽 讓你清新 煩惱的噪音 通通都靜音
有一首帶著陽光的歌 暢一首歌 溫暖你的心
特別唱給你聽 天空放晴 雨季的陰影 通通曬干凈


你總是在窩心 默默的關心 默默支持我呀
HEY LALALALALA 讓我用心為你唱一首歌 我不會再寂寞



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