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[090917] Super Junior’s Press Conference in HK: Clip from TVB

A clip of Super Junior’s press conference in HK from TVB Entertainment News. These are one of those moments where I love that I understand Canto hahaa! So ya, I actually did watch this one =P 3 of em are missing: Eeteuk, Kangin, and Kibum (obviously). But still…MEHHH THEY SHOULD’VE COME TO HK IN THE SUMMER SO I COULD’VE GONE. I don’t even live far from AsiaWorld Expo -.-

LOLOLOL at Heechul’s mask XD One of the hosts pretty much talks about how it’s SJ’s first time holding a concert in HK, and talks about Kangin’s assault case a bit. And here’s what the members said…

Take out with credit for me please.
Shindong: Eeteuk and Kangin have some other things to scheduled during the day, they will take the flight tonight to come. We will practice together tonight. Tomorrow we’ll give a very entertaining and spectacular show for everyone.
Reporter: Right now we’d like to know Kangin, what’s his situation, how it’s moving along.
Heechul: Concerning this, before the confirmed results are released, we cannot say much to anyone, whether it’s this case, or anything related. All we can do is do our best. I have to say thanks to those of you who continue to believe and trust us. We will always do our best. Thank you.

Eunhyuk: The special thing about the Super Junior concert, is that the stage will each have it’s own corner so that the fans can see our performances. This time’s concert in Hong Kong will be the same as the stage in Seoul, with entertaining performances for everyone to see. The special thing is, we’ll also reveal the new song ‘Super Girl’. Please wait for it.

Ryeowook: This time…last year on the first tour, I performed playing the piano. This year, my performance will be a dance with a female dancer. It’s sexy dancing. (LMFAO everyone else starts repeating ‘sexy dancing’ with those krn accents of theirs XD) Hope the Hong Kong fans will like it.
Eunhyuk: The other members of the group also prepared solo performances. Like Donghae, he’ll be singing a self-composed and self-written song called ‘Beautiful’. He’ll also dance while singing.

[After being asked about the impression of Hong Kong, and if there were lots of beautiful girls…]
Heechul: When I was younger, I watched a lot of movies from Hong Kong, there was action, and others. For example Chang Gok Wing, Chou Yeun Fat’s ‘Ying Hong Buen Sik’. The theme song isn’t it like *starts singing (LMFAO HEECHUL you’re such an oddball, someone’s laughing, Hangeng turns and pats Chul on the back)
Siwon: (in canto) ‘Hong Kong lam tsai hai ho leng tsai (some guy says ‘Reeally? Oh konsamnida) Hong Kong lui tsai, hai ho leng lui’ [Hong Kong guys are very goodlooking. Hong Kong girls are very pretty]

Sungmin: This is the first time I’m participating in a musical, so I’m very nervous, but also very excited. Right now I’m working very hard preparing. Heechul and Kangin have both been in musicals.They’ve been helping me a lot, and encouraging me, allowing me to learn lots of things. This time through a musical, I will show everyone a different side of me. I hope everyone anticipates it. Also, Yesung has joined the musical ‘Nam Hong Shan Sing’.


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