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BoA to Return with Japanese Single ‘BUMP BUMP!’ [Preview+Info]

BoA will be making a comeback in Japan on the 28th of October with her 28th single ‘BUMP BUMP!’. She actually cut her hair short for this! It’s not a wig! The single features Verbal from m-flo. The song sounds a lot like something m-flo would come up with (obviously since Verbal’s in it XD) and honestly I’m glad it’s not that techno club music she’s been singing for the U.S. album.

Credit: BoA’s official website + BoAjjang + boanjel + TheBokachu @ youtube + Soulboa @ boafanclub + takato-nohara for mixing the Track + Nikuz @ BJJ

Preview+ Tracklist+Covers under the cut



mu-mo Special Postcard

1. BUMP BUMP! featuring VERBAL
2. IZM featuring VERBAL
3. BUMP BUMP! (Instrumental)
4. IZM (Instrumental)

1. BUMP BUMP! Music Video
2. BUMP BUMP! Music Video ~DANCE EDIT~

Official Preview

Longer Preview: Starting Chorus ,Melo A~B, Main Chorus, Last Chorus with Rap.


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2 thoughts on “BoA to Return with Japanese Single ‘BUMP BUMP!’ [Preview+Info]

  1. This is seriously a great single I would say, so far the comment for BoA Bump Bump MV are so good. Mostly everyone loves it. BoA is extremely dominating in dancing.

    Hope you enjoy too.

    Posted by Doll Ling Chew | 091005, 9:14 PM


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