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[RECOMMENDED!!!]a-nation 09 Broadcast: DBSK + Koda Kumi + Ayumi Hamasaki

WOWOW broadcasted a-nation 09, so now we’ve got HQ vids of performances! ^^ YAAAAY! They didn’t broadcast every performance though (otherwise it’d be hours and hours long haha!) If you dunno what a-nation is, it’s an annual concert Avex has for its artists.

DBSK (DUH of course I’d post them haha!)
LOVELY vocals, really great performance of SBU. Lots of backup dancers for Survivor. The fans love it when Micky like growls his lyrics haha! And Jaejoong, when he’s yelling out some words, his voice was so high pitched HAHAAA! The fireworks explosion was SO cool. Er…how come they always seem to wear such odd clothes at a-nation? Hahaha XD
If you want to see the other performances (Purple Line, Summer Dream, etc.) go HERE for fancams.
Stand By U + Survivor

Click for more: Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki

Koda Kumi
The first perf is so cute! Her and the dancers are rollerblading around the stage. Then she changes into sparkly heels and walks up to the fans. Then for ‘Ecstasy’, she has a whole other blue sparkling suit under her original suit. Cool transformation. And her vocals are really good; sound a lot like the recording. I love how she transformed from cute to fierce.
Lick Me + Ecstasy

Ayumi Hamasaki
They showed I think ALL of her performances, since she IS the Queen of Jpop.
RULE: AWESOME entrance. I remember liking this song on her RULE/Sparkle single. Again, awesome fireworks hehe! That ending ‘scream’, was so on-key, like WOW.

The Song for XX: Beautiful performances. Vocals are really good.

To Be: Her dress is so pretty! Brings back some memories…She sneezed in the beginning around 30 sec, but she hadn’t started singing yet, so it was ok.

Blue Bird: I loved this song a lot when it came out. It’s such a hopeful song.

SUNSET ~Love is All~: From her newest single! I like this song more than ‘Sunrise ~Love is All~’, mainly because of the beautiful beginning with her vocals and the piano.

Boys & Girls: WOW she actually came out with a huge cart thing. Honestly her performances are so epic; Queen of Jpop alright!

SUNRISE ~Love is All~: This is basically a fast tempo version of ‘SUNSET’. And YES that’s a DBSK towel she’s showing off and swinging around! =D It says ‘TOHOSHINKI’ on it, and it’s green. She likes DBSK, and watched their perf too! She has so much energy! She was so cute at the end when she said ‘thank you! ^^v’

JULY 1st: This is the last song. Can you believe this? She sang 8 songs all by herself for a-nation! And her vocals were great too. Despite a lot of her songs sounding similar nowadays (she has basically like 3 genres: ballad, pop+hopeful, rock[sorta anyway XD]), she’s still quite an amazing singer. Anyway, I think ‘JULY 1st’ is one of the first couple of songs I heard from her. And I really liked this song. Listening to it again makes me feel like digging through my desktop computer for this song and moving all her old song onto my laptop. So much energy and everyone’s totally enjoying this song.


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2 thoughts on “[RECOMMENDED!!!]a-nation 09 Broadcast: DBSK + Koda Kumi + Ayumi Hamasaki

  1. Koda kumi is pretty good and my all time fave koda kumi song is Cutie Honey from several years back

    Posted by cory | 091023, 10:16 AM
  2. koda kumi rules! can’t wait for new album universe next month

    Posted by robin | 100105, 7:27 AM

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