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[090927] SHINee @ nanas’B Fansign Event

SHINee were at a nanas’B Fansign Event in Daegu on the 27th, and of course, loads of pictures were taken of them. nanas’B, btw, is a cosmetics company the boys are endorsing for. They’ve done CFs and stuff. So ya, Imma spam you all with 30 pictures of them. They’re fantaken, btw, not official pictures.

Credit: picture perfect + DRGround + masterpieceJH + everything-0 + keytic + soul and sense + SHINee Gallery+ ▦ONLEEW @ shakizi + [TaeMinMakNae + DHSEA1015] @ shineee.net

They’re all wearing blue and white, which is a good change from the fruity pastel colors they wore for promoting ‘Juliette’. I will never understand that stylist. Key’s hair is straight! And quite long as you can see. But the color…god that yellow is BLAH. DYE YOUR HAIR TO BROWN OR BLACK KEY. Oh. Btw. Happy belated bday to him. He’s 18 now (19 in Korea).  Makes pedo nunans happy, I’m guessing XD Cuz now it’s no longer statuary rape, it’s just normal rape LOL. ANYWAY…picturessss


Loads more under the cut



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3 thoughts on “[090927] SHINee @ nanas’B Fansign Event

  1. omg jonghyun looks so hot…as always
    key key key aigoo his skin is way to white and the hair ….it jusy doesnt mix very well…but still …gotta love him!

    Posted by evelyn | 090929, 5:55 AM
  2. do any1 have a GIF for [090927] SHINee @ nanas’B Fansign Event gif

    Posted by Randa | 110818, 3:04 PM
  3. do any`have a GIF for [090927] SHINee @ nanas’B Fansign Event gif ?

    Posted by Randa | 110818, 3:05 PM

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