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DBSK’s YG Magazine Scans + Trans

DBSK were in the September issue of the Chinese magazine ‘YG’, and here are the scans + translations ^^

Most of the pics are from AADBSK3 photobooks. It’s of them in Saipan. GAH I WANT AADBSK3!! (yes i’m complaining about it again XD)

credit: JJnChunnie_lover @ 48haruhi84 + kymberlyn @ sharingyoochun + ONETVXQ


TVXQ Dong Bang Shin Ki

Beautiful Memoirs of Saipan
TVXQ Special Summer Greetings

Sunshine – The Sea – Grasslands – The Nature – Monopolized Completely

The moment of anticipation of 800,000 Cassiopeians Worldwide…
Always Keep The Faith!

Vast World Limitless Freedom

To look for their initial selves
Why? Why did we like you?

Unmasked the glamour and returning to innocence STYLE is even more dazzling
Regardless of how many years, we still believe!

TVXQ has all these qualities: Youth, Sunshine, Cute, Good-Looking, Romantic, Charisma
The happiest moments of Cassiopeians are the times that we met.


JJ: My naughty members, I who have felt the power of 800,000 Cassiopeians, am the best MC! The you whom I am looking at, is the reason of my existence!

YC: I feel as if we have gone back to the days where we just debuted. You have no idea, how much I miss those days!

JS: So good! Wonderful! Whether we are at Saipan or at Las Vegas, no matter where we are, TVXQ is one, We are the ONE! (Junsu’s “so good! wonderful” and “We are the ONE!” was actually written in English, LOL)

YH: Breathing again after careful preparations, the beautiful memories in Saipan gives me strength to continue.

CM: Unforgettable moments, the five of us had spent together.

5 innocent hearts which have warmed our hearts
Regardless of tears and laughter, we won’t be lonely as we will always be accompanying each other!

Don’t forget the beautiful memories that we have spent together because everything is still going on.
Jaejoong had said, everything can be solved as long as you are believing.

These 5 guys have bickered and argued but this is their love for each other.
Regardless of 10, 20 or 30years, we have promised that to carry on. Don’t Say GoodBye.


They look like twins! They even have the same hairstyles! HA HA
Both covers are fantastic! HAHA

Junsu’s dog, Xiahky has given birth to many little Xiahkys, I’ve heard that Micky brought back a few. Sharing a few pictures of cute little Xiahky.

Their song is even more fantastic. I have ordered the single a lot time back. HAHA.
So Cute!!!


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