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SHINee and Kim So Eun for CLRIDE.n Winter Collection + SHINee @ YBS Event…Comeback???

Yay! Another CLRIDE.n photoshoot ^^ And with Kim So Eun too =D I rly liked the fall shoot. The boys looked good and Kim So Eun looked really cute and pretty (as usual). Same thing here! Good looking SHINee and super adorable Kim So Eun. That picture of her and Onew…gaaah it’s so cute! She’s hugging dubu around the waist and he’s got bear paws hehe! The last pic, with all of them, Minho’s got his arm around her. They’d make a cute couple (DON’T KILL ME SHINEE WORLD XD I LOVE THEM TOO). Minho’s younger than So Eun though, no? So Eun’s like 19 and Minho’s 18, right? Well, doesn’t this bring ‘Noona Neomu Yeopot’ back to our heads keke =P

credit: shineee.net


ON another note, it’s rumored SHINee will be making a comeback soon. Why? Because during their performances on a YBS event, SHINee were wearing hats. Almost all of them, except Jonghyun. Minho’s hair seems to be much too long -.- he needs a haircut. The others…it’s obvious there’s been hairstyle changes. And you know what that means…comeback! There’d been rumors in September they would come back on the 25th of Sept (which OBVIOUSLY didn’t happen), but I guess those rumors should apply to the fall months instead. I’ll post some pics from the event as well in this post.It seems like Key has dyed his hair back to either black or brown. YESSSSS THANK YOU. Onew and Taemin have gotten haircuts. Taemin clearly has, but Onew, it’s not too too clear. Jonghyun’s eyebrows look sorta odd…they look…a different color…XD




Some Pics from the YBS Event (I actually have like 54…but ya there’s NO way I’m going to upload that many pictures…i don’t have that much patience XD)



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