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SHINee is making a comeback!!! =DDD They’ll be releasing a new mini album called ‘2009, Year of Us’ on the 19th of October, and begin promoting once again. SM will be revealing the latest pics of their newest mini album pictures starting from the 9th, and the title track will be called ‘Machyeoteumyeo’. It is said that it’ll show SHINee’s individuality and difference from other male idol groups. It’ll also show a new style of SHINee, and show off their ‘hidden’ vocal talents. Excuse me, but since when were they hidden?? Their vocals are already great!!! Onew and Jonghyun are known for their great vocals, and the other members sing quite well also!

SM Entertainment stated ‘We have finished recording the title song and had completed the music video filming on October 8th.’

091008 – Jonghyun’s Solo Concept Pics
091009 – Taemin’s Solo Concept Pics + Audio Teaser
091010 – 2nd Audio Teaser
Onew’s Solo Concept Pics
091011 – 3rd Audio Teaser: Onew and Kim Yeon Woo’s Duet ‘The Name I Loved’
091012 – Minho’s Solo Concept Pics + 4th Audio Teaser + Mini Album Info
Key’s Solo Concept Pics

credit: allkpop

LOL at Key’s hairstyle. My god thank god he dyed it back a dark color, but what is WITH the haircut o.o Jonghyun’s hair looks cool though. And Taemin’s is alright I guess. Onew’s is…sorta weird. This image is TOTALLY different from the ‘Romeo’ image. Looks all dark…and grungy…and moody to me…but hey, i’m digging this way more than the pastel fairy princess colors and clothes XD



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