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Unreleased DBSK Eversing Pictures

Unreleased Eversing pics! I love these pictures; they’re really great! Jae looks so dorky in the group pics XD he has his hair bangs up and glasses. And Yoochun too, with his random bowtie and SUPER geeky classes HAHA. Yunho’s clothes are good but er…what’s with the unmatching shoe o.o I think Junsu looks the best in this shoot ^^ His clothes are great, and his hair’s jjang! For some reason, Yunho’s solo shot is missing. Meh.

Anyway, i’m just really glad to see pics of them all 5 together…it’s been a while since we saw studio taken photoshoots of them 5!

Credit: ONETVXQ (i think…the post isn’t there anymore o.o)




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One thought on “Unreleased DBSK Eversing Pictures

  1. junsu!!!!!!! i love him <3

    Posted by matz | 091010, 12:01 PM

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