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Hottests Boycott Dream Concert 2009

OMG WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH THEM! THIS IS HORRIBLE TO THE REST OF 2PM GAAAH! This is ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. They’re gonna finish the entire group and then even if Jaebum wants to come back, there won’t be a group to back to. The 6 other members are like 0 then? They don’t exist? Jeez. Gosh this is getting me pissed off. I can’t believe they’d rather the whole group get dropped off the face of earth than learn to accept the 6 members for now. This just screw everyone over. UGH THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING TO ME

Credit: KBites

2PM fans have declared total boycott to upcoming Dream Concert, if 2PM is performing with leader Park JaeBum.

2PM fans will be posting up post-its on JYP office building on 10th October during the time when Dream Concert is going on.

Fans have declared that “Without JaeBum, we cannot accept 2PM‘ regarding 2PM’s future activities when JaeBum left the group. They have stick to this belief even when Park Jin Young announced that 2PM will promote as 6 members without JaeBum.

Dream Concert will be the first performing stage for 2PM after JaeBum left as a group of 6 members. Previously, on 25th September, it was planned for the group to perform as 6 members for 2009 Supermodel Contest, but in the end only 2 members JunHo and JunSu performed.

Fans will be “attacking” by posting up post-its at JYP building in Seoul ChungDamDong from 4pm to 8.30pm when Dream Concert is going on on 10th October. For these fans, they only wish for JaeBum to return to the group quickly.


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